Increase efficiency, mitigate risks

Collaborate in a shared Platform and optimize processes

  • Client portal

    Give your clients access to the Platform to review the data you selected to share. They can have multiple account-based accesses.

  • Partner portal

    Give your partners access to the Platform, work together on the same open system. Decide the data to be shared and  define partners’ permissions and accesses.

  • Notifications

    Notify the stakeholders (partners, clients etc..) via Wenda account, SMS, links or other preferred channels about the operations

  • Data shared

    Select the data you want to share throughout your supply chain and start to collaborate with selected stakeholders.


Get a complete overview of your supply chain from suppliers to customers. Reduce planning on the outbound and inbound. Improve customer satisfaction and satisfy regulators expectations.

  • Give accounts to your partners
  • Smooth and seamless operations
  • Reduce disconnected systems