We help CEOs and supply chain managers to streamline operations and overcome disconnected systems

  • Operations costs

    Save valuable time managing operations, decrease returns of products with limited shelf-life

  • Compliance

    Digitize HACCP quality controls and automate reporting.

  • Brand

    Enhance service, improve business relationships, and gain more opportunities to win supply contracts.


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Who Wenda is designed for

Wenda designed its solutions specifically for logistics providers, retailers, wholesalers, and producers.
Wenda responds to the specific needs of Logistics, Quality, and Sales departments to ensure streamlined daily operations, enhanced compliance and customer service.

Logistics and transport

Any operator needs more collaboration and data to improve organization and visibility into transportation and logistics. Wenda enables those who need to manage and control operations to gain full visibility into product and process data across multiple stages of the supply chain.
Connect the systems you already use. Improve your KPIs.

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Wenda helps you manage product and process visibility and tracking data across your chain of responsibility, even if the product transits through multiple actors. From supplier to customer.
Wenda allows you to keep track of supply chain, traceability, lot, temperature data, thus ensuring product integrity and information exchange from supplier to customer.

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Wholesalers & import/export

Lots of suppliers to manage, warehouse operations, customers to satisfy.
Wenda helps you leverage digital innovation to stay one step ahead of the competition and differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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With Wenda, you can digitalize your supply chain, analyze it and gain complete visibility, ensuring streamlined operations and complete tracking of your products from warehouse operations to the consumer. You can save resources in operations and make your brand unique.

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Condition Monitoring

Get condition monitoring of your shipments and storages to prevent costly spoilage and brand losses.
Wenda supports third-party device integration through our interfaces. We can aggregate different types of data: temperature, humidity, light & more. We’ll find a solution that fits your needs.

  • Multi-parameters
  • Quality compliance
  • Customer satisfaction
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