The solution? -25% costs, +100% visibility

Wenda is a Platform that enables you to control and optimize your ambient and temperature-controlled food supply chain processes, regardless of the hardware and software systems already in use.

The Platform can be used as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with your ERP, TMS, WMS or Quality systems for a personalized experience, also offering the possibility to integrate future developments. Moreover, thanks to the all-in-one management, Wenda represents a tool that can respond in a transversal and specific way to your every need.

Not only that! Wenda offers you the possibility to activate both accounts outside the company for suppliers and customers, and accounts inside the company, thanks to the creation of unlimited profiles with differentiated access based on permissions. Each account can register multiple operating sites where goods are produced, transit or consumed, so as to connect both the protagonists of the supply chain and the company figures.


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Who Wenda talks to

With Wenda, you can manage all the useful information on traceability, cold and hot chain and product shelf-life, and share it with the different actors involved in the supply chain, encouraging their cooperation.

  • Food Industry and Processing
  • Large-scale and medium-scale Retailers
  • Food import/export and wholesale
  • Collective and commercial catering

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Wenda offers ad hoc solutions designed for your industry, related to every cold and hot Food sector.

  • Beverage

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Meat and fish

  • Milk and dairy products

  • Bread and pasta

  • Frozen Food

  • Food preparations

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Supply chain

Wenda offers you a crucial support to ensure quality, traceability, control and reliability at all stages of the supply chain.

  • Production and exit of goods
  • First mile shipping
  • Warehouse Di.Ce. trader/Distributor
  • International Shipping
  • Warehouse Di.Ce. Distributor/Large-scale Retail
  • Last mile and point of sale

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Business strategy

Thanks to control and optimization equipment, Wenda helps you to achieve business goals previously thought far ahead.

  • Simplification

    Easily manage internal processes, document and information sharing

  • Save money

    Solve deterioration issues and drastically reduce the return of products with limited shelf-life

  • Compliance

    Digitize HACCP quality audits and automate reporting

  • Freshness

    Ensure freshness and respect for the organoleptic properties of products from beginning to end

  • Brand reputation

    Enhance service, improve business relationships, get more opportunities to win supply contracts

  • Trust

    Digitize and monitor the entire chain in real time, and build verified trust relationships with your customers, suppliers and logistics and quality services

  • Sustainability

    Improve your environmental sustainability and inform your clients or consumers that they are buying a controlled product