About us

Supply Chain experts

About us

Born as a foodtech startup, supported by international investors, today Wenda is an Italian company that collaborates with major players in the Supply Chain sector at a global level, from producers to retailers, from logistics to insurance companies.

Wenda is a company where innovative and entrepreneurial spirit merge, where technology plays an important role but the human element is fundamental: Wenda is made up of a team of young and experienced innovators, committed to contribute to create a more sustainable Supply Chain through the creation of technologies able to change the market.

Vision & Mission

  • Making global supply chains safer, smarter and more sustainable
  • Position as the new market leader in supply chain technologies


  • Integrity

    We start with loyalty and consistency, to bring transparency to everything we pursue

  • Excellence

    We believe in continuous improvement to aim for the stars, one step at a time

  • Inclusivity

    We combine brilliant minds and gray hair to create a successful mix

  • Respect

    We care about human relationships, because there is no strength without virtue

The birth of an idea

The University of Bologna, Department of Agriculture: a place where theoretical knowledge and entrepreneurial practice converge. This is where we like to think Wenda's intuition was born, in the meeting place of the two co-founders, Tonio and Mattia.

The Wenda Team

  • Antonio Catapano

    Co-founder, CEO/CTO, MBA

    Entrepreneur for 25+ years, excellent skills in auto-id technologies and system integration, with extensive know-how on IoT systems and people management. Experience in investor management and value creation with large tech partners (Datalogic, IBM, Zebra, etc).

  • Mattia Nanetti

    Co-founder, COO/CMO

    Studies in Agro-Economics, Master in Innovation Management at Politecnico di Milano. He works to understand market needs and find an answer in the sphere of Wenda.

The team is completed by 20 and more dynamic and resourceful people, including partners and collaborators, and many international investors and advisors who support us!

Company culture

In Wenda, people come first.

Wenda's team is and will always be composed of people whose fundamental principles are integrity, excellence, respect and inclusivity.

Each person has programs to follow and goals to achieve. Everyone gives the best of themselves to achieve these goals because they love what they do.

Our goal is to define an excellent work environment, one in which people trust the people they work with, are proud of what they do and look forward to ... Monday.

For the people, at Wenda we believe in the possible search for a work-life balance through smart working and flexible freedom during working hours.

You are not bound to painstaking rules: Wenda draws a path that the person is pushed to follow, drawing her/his/their own space/role/position within the company.

The whole team is updated on the key activities, direction and vision that the startup carries out in the market, to keep people aligned.

Wenda is composed by people of different ages and experiences, but with a common characteristic: the desire to get involved and learn!

As in all startups, we proceed only with what the market wants and is willing to pay in terms of economy/effort/data, operating with transparency and legality. So no one should be frustrated in Wenda, every part of the work that is produced has a value in the company.

In Wenda, it is essential that people have, or quickly develop, a good dose of creativity, problem solving and...resilience!