Picking & Outbound

Increase efficiency, mitigate risks

Organize Picking & Outbound to minimize errors

  • Automated tasks

    Automate tasks like order picking lists and packing lists. Manage your picking and outgoing product activities

  • Shared data

    Share the selected data about your outbound flows with other stakeholders (partners, clients etc..).

  • Guided operators

    Field data gathered and shared with operators to minimize errors. Use of VOICE PICKING to maximize productivity.

  • Technology assistance

    Find the technology (voice assisted, mobile etc.) that suits your needs and/or connect your equipment in one Platform.

Picking & Outbound

Organize your picking processes and outbound activities. Speed up your operations and increase accuracy levels while reducing the errors. Easily get insights on your operators’ activity. 

  • Optimized team efficiency
  • Warehouse operation management
  • Reduced transportation costs