Key Benefits

Instantly enable you to know what happens to processes performance and product integrity

  • Unified supply chain visibility

    Digitize, analyze and gain comprehensive visibility of your supply chain

  • Producer to consumer tracking

    Know what happens to the product during distribution, enhance your Brand

  • Target
    Connected supply chain and operators

    Automate data exchanges between suppliers and customers and coworkers

  • Open and analytical system

    Manage processes by exception, work with systems already in use

Supply chain tools are disconnected

Too many tools to manage supply chain operations are currently used: errors, time spent and poor customer service.

The collaborative Platform

Unifying real-time data from TMS, WMS, ERP, OMS and external systems to reach better KPI and increase savings by collaborating with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Manage exceptions and improve overall profitability with adaptable technology.

  • Reduce penalties and operations costs
  • Protect your brand and earn customers’ trust
  • Minimize waste and reduce CO2 emissions

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Multimodal shipping

Any mode of shipment needs more organization and visibility. Any logistics player needs more collaboration and data to decide on. Increase overall shipping KPIs regardless of shipping methods (sea, ground, air; complete cargo - FCL - or groupage - LCL, from first mile to last mile). Keep track of safety data if you work with temperature controlled supply chains.