Supply chain automations

  • Pickup request via mail → Shipment created on TMS

    Automatically turn a customer request via email to pick up goods into a task into your TMS assigned to a person or a carrier

  • Delivery note → inbound on WMS → data on BI

    Turn pdf delivery note data into traceability and inbound data on your WMS to know what you will be receiving and visualize the data on Wenda or on the BI system of your choice.

  • Client order → Route optimization → Notify → Track & trace

    Automatically turn client order data into optimised route for your fleet or your partners. Notify client about the delivery, if needed provide the client with transit ETA.

  • Sales quote in PDF → Bill of Lading draft → Container tracking

    Automate data exchanges from the sales/export/import department and the monitoring of transiting containers

  • Multiple GPS tracker → Track&trace→Notify

    Aggregate location data from different GPS or location systems into in transit notification via sms or WhatsApp.

  • DDT+Invoice+Packing List → Lot n° traceability in ERP

    Automatically turn traceability or product data from many documents into your ERP or quality system.

  • Supplier portal → inbound and quantity traceability

    For your most important supplier, collaborate into a supplier portal to let them upload goods they will send to you, with detail for quantity, price, type of product etc.

  • Multiple T° tracker → Alarm notification → Quality report

    Aggregate cold chain data from different trackers both in transit or in storage, notify any alarm to responsible and extract reporting

Supply chain tools are unconnected

Too many tools are currently employed to manage supply chain operations: errors, time spent and low levels of customer service.

Choose one or more data inputs

  • Document format and type
  • Customer/vendor IT systems
  • Telematics or IoT devices

Choose the automation that's right for you

  • We identify relevant data
  • We normalize the data
  • We prepare the data

Choose the output

  • Correct the data if necessary
  • Receive data on your ERP
  • Get data on Wenda's collaborative modules

Key benefits

  • User friendly, ready to go

    Intuitive user experience with basic out-of-the-box functionality through simple activation.

  • For your supply chain network

    All operational sites, suppliers, logistics and customers, each with their own profile, on the same platform.

  • Full view of verticals

    Open base functions of supply chain, logistics and quality systems, with unified internal and external data.

  • Granular visibility

    Get granular visibility and management along the supply chain for returnable assets, equipment, products.

  • Automated data & document workflows

    Intelligently organized and managed data to automate tasks in your logistics back office or to external clients and partners.

  • System-compatible

    Work with advanced, standardized integration technology, all the documentation you need, and a team that fits you.

  • Intelligent data management

    Algorithms allow you to efficiently manage data from multiple sources and structure it to facilitate your operations.

  • Data unification and management

    Stop working with too many tools, keep everything in one place and decide whether to bring everything into Wenda or your system.

Dynamic supply chain management

Unify real-time data from TMS, WMS, ERP, OMS and external systems to realize better KPIs and increase savings by collaborating with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Manage exceptions and improve overall profitability with flexible technology. Manage your supply chain, logistics, and trading partner networks to streamline operations.

  • Centralize supply chain operations in a single software
  • Get visibility along the supply chain
  • Minimize reputational and economic risks
  • Introduce collaboration capabilities
  • Automate 60% of data management activities
What it does / 00

Supply Chain Networking

Your supply chain network is increasingly interconnected and made up of hyper-global or hyper-local trading partners. Every business needs to connect easily to its customers, product or service providers. Invite operators to Wenda, work with them on the same data and streamline operations by increasing relationships with them. Work better by saving time exchanging information and using a single digital access to your supply chain!

Data management / 01

Documents and email workflow

Managing emails and documents everyday to copy data in other systems can be complex. Requests for Quotes, Bill of Lading, Bookings, delivery notes and other operational requirements are time-consuming and often lead to errors.
Wenda's intelligent algorithms normalize the unstructured data present in daily communications and extract the data to feed IT systems or processes for you.

  • Quotation requests
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing list
  • Transportation documents and Invoices
App mobile / 01

Driver Mobile

Managing your vehicles and drivers can be complex.
Increase efficiency when working with drivers and improve customer service. 
Manage deliveries, locate drivers, communicate ETAs, and digitize proof of delivery (PDC). Collect signatures and photos and manage delivery results. Drivers will receive easy step-by-step instructions to ensure they execute each delivery or pickup correctly.

  • Reduce planning time
  • Optimize driver activities to provide a superior experience for your team and your customers
  • Minimize delivery errors
  • Improve customer satisfaction