Simplify supply chain activities with AI

Wenda cloud platform offers a unique experience
to supply chain and logistics professionals in numerous industries

Key Benefits

  • +50% employee productivity

    Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and documents. Improve productivity! 

  • -20% inventory costs

    Improve visibility and data accuracy to reduce direct and indirect inventory costs. 

  • -30% operational costs

    Automations and extended visibility to reduce operational costs and risks. 

  • ++ reputation

    Gain control over your operations, satisfy your customers. Strong and improved brand image!

Intelligent automations for your supply chain

Wenda cloud platform automates supply chain operations and creates complete visibility through collaboration and Artificial Intelligence.

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AI Document Processing

Boost your document processing efficiency with AI!
Automatically extract and normalize all relevant logistics and transport data from any source and in any format through Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Automatic data entry in Wenda Platform or in any preferred 3rd party system. 

  • Speed up back-office processes
  • Time and cost savings
  • Self-improvement and high accuracy
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Some use cases

You can automatically extract valuable data from documents and use it to execute operations. Easily turn any document or data received via e-mail into structured data for your operational activities and specific, automated workflows. Once set up, Wenda's AI algorithms will extract the relevant data and write it into your client's management systems or Wenda to trigger operational workflows.

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Email/Doc Collection = Shipping on TMS

Automatically create a shipment, assigned to a person or courier, on your TMS starting with a customer email for goods pickup.

  1. A new email arrives with the pickup order
  2. Wenda's AI processes the email
  3. The shipping order is automatically created in TMS and assigned to a courier
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