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supply chain

Boost Customer Confidence, Improve Efficiency, Mitigate Risks


  • Flexible System

    Wenda provides a flexible platform for digital supply chain management, integrated with specific ready-to-use data and technologies.

  • Neutral technology

    Wenda offers you an open platform, connected to existing software (TMS, WMS etc) and hardware in use. A suitable solution for the future of your company.

  • Detail Visibility

    Wenda helps you to gain complete transparency of your supply chain with tracking of products that pass through it.

We help CEOs and supply chain managers to streamline operations and overcome disconnected systems

  • Logistics Providers

    From forwarders to transporters: stay on top of the competition. Rely less on old and fragmented systems.

  • Retailers

    Consumers expect to find any product at any time, at the highest quality: meet consumers demand with less effort!

  • Wholesalers & import/export

    Many suppliers to manage, warehouse operations, clients to satisfy. Leverage on innovation to stay ahead  of competition.

  • Manufacturers

    Suppliers delivering raw materials, warehouse & shipping operations, clients to satisfy. Make your brand stand out!

What it is and what it does

The platform for unified visibility and collaboration

Wenda is a collaborative Platform that manages, analyzes and selectively shares supply chain data, compatible with measuring equipment, data loggers and management, logistics and quality softwares already in use. This way, it delivers support for decisions about track & trace, temperature and supply chain visibility data.


  • Platform: Instantly enable you to know what happens to processes performance and product integrity
  • Mobile App: Go paperless, go mobile. Automate tasks while reducing errors. Connected with the Platform
  • API: Minimal involvement of your IT staff: designed for being compatible with any system, simplifying data sharing and integration
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How it works

A collaborative modular Platform. Also farm-to-fork.

Wenda allows you to choose the modules that best suit your operations. When used in combination, they allow you to gain full process visibility and make effective decisions, rationalize costs, mitigate risks and enhance levels of service.

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Multimodal Shipping

Any mode of shipment needs more organization and visibility. Any logistics player needs more collaboration and data to decide on. Increase overall shipping KPIs regardless of shipping methods (sea, ground, air; complete cargo - FCL - or groupage - LCL, from first mile to last mile). Keep track of safety data if you work also with temperature controlled supply chains.

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For who

Who works with Wenda

Wenda meets the specific needs of Quality, Logistics and Commercial departments to ensure quality, traceability, reliability and enhanced service to every player in the supply chain:

  • Logistics providers
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers & import/export
  • Manufacturers
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The benefits of relying on us

  • All-in-one 

    Manage all your supply chain execution data in one cloud platform

  • End-to-end

    Collaborate and build trust with suppliers and clients along the entire supply chain

  • Item level

    Discover what happens to product integrity, not only to process performance 

  • Open

    Cloud-based software compatible with multiple legacy and tracking technologies

  • Analytic

    Pull insights from integrated data to make real-time decision

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