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Increase up to 90% data visibility in Food Distribution

Wenda is the only collaborative, all-in-one Platform to govern data connected to Food traceability starting from cold and hot chains. Strengthen your service level and cut costs.

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Wenda is a fast, intuitive and integrable Platform, designed for the specific needs of

  • Large-scale and medium-scale Retailers

  • Collective and commercial catering

  • Food Distribution and Wholesale

  • Food Detail

What is and what it does

An all-in-one Platform for a full visibility

Wenda is a collaborative Platform that collects, analyzes and automatically shares supply chain data, automatically integrating with measuring equipment, data loggers and management, logistics and quality softwares already in use. This way, it delivers support for decisions and statistics about temperature and traceability to all the protagonists of each specific supply chain.

With Wenda you can

  • Control every step of the supply chain, to reduce Food Waste and foster product integrity, safety and freshness
  • Manage in a single collaborative cloud Platform the collected data to enhance processes, cut time and costs, and expand the service
  • Collaborate in the supply chain, sharing selected information with clients, suppliers and collaborators to increase transparency, traceability and the connection with the protagonists of your chain
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    How it works

    An end-to-end collaborative modular Platform

    Wenda allows you to choose the necessary modules for your operations. Taken individually, the modules enable you to manage traceability, cold and hot chain in clearly defined processes of your supply chain, but when used in combination they ensure you complete process visibility and help you make effective decisions, rationalize costs, boost profits and improve the level of service.

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    Shipping phase

    Govern cold and hot chain, product traceability data, both in real time and at the end of the journey. Share data with departure and arrival sites, regardless of shipping methods (direct or fractionated trucks, complete containers - FCL - or groupage - LCL). 

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      For who

      Who Wenda talks to

      Wenda meets the specific needs of Quality, Logistics and Commercial departments of the Food Distribution, to ensure quality, traceability, reliability and enhanced service to every player in the supply chain:

      • Large-scale and medium-scale Retailers
      • Collective and commercial catering
      • Food Distribution and Wholesale
      • Food Detail
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        The benefits of relying on us

        • Work easy

          Optimize your time and costs by leveraging the simplicity and versatility of the Platform

        • Stop working in silos

          Optimize your supply chain, maximize the collective intelligence of your company

        • Hardware Consulting

          Integrate technological changes and leverage market experts to choose the appropriate hardware

        • All-in-one Platform

          Get data-driven insights in a single, easily accessible Platform

        • Data and integrity analytics management

          Use the power of the data you already have

        Discover Wenda

        International success stories

        Wenda responds to targeted needs of each industry on the Food & Beverage sector, delivering  quality, traceability, control and reliability to every player in the supply chain, from producers to distributors, retailers to consumers.

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