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Proprietary AI automating logistics, transportation and supply chain emails and documents. Increase productivity and reduce costs!

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Wenda's proprietary Artificial Intelligence easily transforms any document or text received via e-mail into structured data entered into your management system to automate your operational tasks and specific workflows that cannot be integrated with EDI or API.

Data entry with specialized AI based on:

  • Bill of Lading

    Automate the data entry from BoL into your ERP to create imports.

  • CMR/Transportation Doc

    Automate data entry operations into your TMS/WMS to generate pickups or inbounds.

  • Spot Quotations

    Automate data entry operations into your ERP to generate quotations.

  • Pickup Request

    Automate the data entry into your TMS to generate shipments

  • Instructions for the BoL

    Reading instructions to create BoL draft on your system.

  • VGM

    Automate data entry into your internal IT systems for maritime operations.

  • Air Way Bill (AWB)

    Automate the data entry from AWB into your ERP to create imports.

  • Invoices

    Extract information to process passive invoices on your ERP.

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Intelligent automations for your supply chain

Wenda's cloud platform automates supply chain operations and creates a
comprehensive visibility through collaboration and Artificial Intelligence.

    How does Wenda AI work?

    Automated data entry and back office with AI. Simple. Effective.

    • Input: We receive data from documents or emails.
    • Pre-processing: We extract and clean the data.
    • Artificial Intelligence: We use proprietary AI models to structure the extracted data.
    • Post-processing: We create custom workflows and feed the data into your business processes.
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