Connected & Automated Supply Chain

Supply Chain Platform: manage data in transit, warehouse and back-office achieving a collaborative and smart logistics

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“Modern supply chains are complex and struggle to manage large volumes of documents, data and partners, with high risk of fragmentation and software incompatibility.”

Wenda optimizes supply chain operations

Collaboration and AI for a smart logistics

  • AI Data Processing

    Transform logistics
    documents or emails
    intro structured data

  • Data Aggregation

    Combine data from
    different sources
    (TMS, WMS, ERP, etc.)

  • Extended Visibility

    Monitor what is happening
    across your entire supply
    chain network

  • Warehouse Management

    Optimize warehouse operations, monitor product condition and inventory

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Automatically manage your
supply chain network data

Wenda offers a unique experience for supply chain and logistics professionals. 

  • Data aggregation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Collaboration and visibility
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