Tracking & ETA

Having full supply chain visibility improves tracking operations and enables enhanced ETA services

  • -25% operational costs

    Digital tour planning ensures greater operational efficiency and more control over transport operations. You can also deliver better quality of service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • -22% penalties, OTIF costs

    You can reduce penalties for late delivery by resolving disputes more quickly and ensuring on-time delivery of goods. 

  • -3% managing freight costs

    The control of the production, shipping and distribution of a product and the continuous flow of information between multiple players in the chain promote collaboration between shippers, ensuring better prices for transportation. You can also take advantage of a ranking of freight forwarders and carriers.

Increase efficiency, mitigate risks

Follow your products and assets at every stage

  • Product-Data Pairing

    Identify and track your products or simply capture the existing identifiers (GS1, barcode, RFID chip, QR code..) without changing your operation methods.

  • End-to-end traceability

    Trace every and each product (at order, SKU or item level) and gain an enhanced visibility over them all along the supply chain.

  • Safety

    Ensure the safety of your products or valuable assets by knowing their real-time positions and conditions.

  • Data shared

    Select the data you want to share throughout your supply chain. Keep your stakeholders updated about arrival times and inform them about delays.

Tracking & ETA

Increase agility with instant access to real-time shipment information. Anticipating problems rapidly and precisely will boost your efficiency by managing exceptions to mitigate their impact.

  • Minimized errors and calls
  • On-time deliveries
  • Customer satisfaction