June 23, 2020

Market research on consumption habits of certified products

A few days ago, Doxa - a company that specializes in market research, innovation and public opinion in Italy and is part of the BVA Group, a research and consulting company ranked among the top 20 agencies worldwide - produced a research exclusively for Food, an Italian magazine that reports news, trends and opinions about the Italian Food market.

The research focuses on the habits of Italian consumers with regards to their choices to buy certified and traceable products. The key finding that emerged from the survey is that certified Italian products are at the heart of the purchasing behavior of modern consumers, who are very attentive to and aware of the origin of what they put in their shopping cart. Moreover, the traceability of a Food product is very important for consumers, even if labels rarely show complete information: if 86% of consumers check at least sometimes the label information on the origin of raw materials, only 10% believe that this information on Food routes and supply chains is exhaustive: for example, crucial data are often missing, one of the most important of which is temperature control in the various stages of the supply chain.
Another interesting fact that emerges from the survey is that certified Italian products (DOCG, DOC, IGP, IGT, DOP, ...) are considered a unique excellence in the world by 80% of the people interviewed, who put cheese, pasta, wine, cold cuts and fruit and vegetables at the top of their preferences.

These trends fuel Wenda's vision to make the global AgriFood system safer, smarter and more sustainable, and also confirm and reinforce the importance of the Platform created by Wenda, which is the only all-in-one collaborative Platform to govern temperature and Food traceability data. In fact, the Platform digitizes temperature and traceability data and combines them with logistics data in the multiple phases of the supply chain, automatically integrating with data loggers, measurement tools and management, logistics and quality software used by the different actors in the supply chain.
As such, the Platform provides insights and statistics on temperature and traceability at every stage of the chain, thus ensuring complete visibility of the entire supply chain and not just its individual processes: you can manage data, reduce time, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction.

If you want to find out how Wenda can help you govern temperature and traceability data in your food supply chain, you can try a demo of the Platform on our website in less than 30 minutes!