Wenda for Bonazza

Monitoring temperature and quality in the distribution of butchery products

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  • Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
  • 100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Awareness of the main critical points of the supply chain
  • Customized accounts for department managers
  • Company

    Bonazza S.P.A. has been operating in the AgriFood sector since 1968 and is currently based in Noghera Tessera (VE), in northern Italy. The company produces a vast assortment of ready-to-eat and fresh products, such as speck, bacon, würstels, ham and roasts, and is an industry leader thanks to the passion and the desire for excellence that distinguish its work. In 2006, the purchase of the Bechèr spa sausage factory enabled Bonazza to expand its range of products, and in 2013 Unterberger - a prestigious, high-quality brand - also joined the group.


    Company quote

    “For us the Wenda platform is useful to have better and real-time control both of the product and of the transporters we choose. It is also a big added value for the various control bodies (veterinarians and auditors) who are able to verify and approve its effectiveness.”

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  • Industry

    Distribution of cold cuts and butchery products

The configuration of Italian logistics chains in the AgriFood sector requires great care when dealing with butchery products. Meat is characterized by a high degree of perishability, has a limited shelf-life and maintaining the right temperature during all phases of the cold chain is essential to ensure Food Safety. For these reasons, companies working in the sector need to adopt innovative solutions that allow them to be always aware of what is happening in every phase of the logistics chain.


Bonazza had to ship a batch of butchery products to large-scale retail customers in Italy, and wanted to deliver its products in the best conditions to show the high quality of service and ensure continuity of relationship with the buyer.

The need to perform checks on the purchased logistics service and to show regulators the internal product care practices led the company to look for a platform that would allow it to take care of Food Integrity remotely, monitoring both geographical localization and temperature parameters, and allow it to share data with control and certification bodies without resorting to excessively complex analytical tools.

Our solution

Wenda provided Bonazza with access to the Wenda all-in-one Platform, the only cross-chain and cross-device Platform capable of monitoring traceability and temperature data in the cold and hot chains of Food Distribution. In this case, Wenda's Platform enabled real-time monitoring and geolocalization of products and has been enhanced with the addition of data sharing with controllers and certifiers.

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The Wenda Platform provided the ability to observe
integrity alerts on a single dashboard regarding product storage along the way, as well as an overview of all critical points along the chain, thus increasing the visibility of the whole supply chain.
The Platform also gave Bonazza the opportunity to leverage its multi-access function: thanks to access to granular data from the quality and sales departments, Bonazza was able to share internally information on how the product is handled along Italian supply chains. The use of multi-access has made it possible for management to activate more efficient communication within the company and has made it possible to adopt a multilateral approach to problem solving.

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Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
The possibility to take care of its products thanks to configurable alarm thresholds for each shipment and storage, by connecting its systems to the Platform in order to collect all the data on a single dashboard, has allowed Bonazza to share with the customer the commitment that the company invests in the protection of its products.

100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
Identifying the main critical points in the supply chain with regard to product integrity has allowed the company to better govern future shipments, improve previously unknown critical issues and make quick decisions for better product care.

Awareness of the main critical points of the supply chain
The alert management system has made it possible to set up notifications based on the severity of the problem, alerting Bonazza's quality and sales departments via email or through the Platform itself when the monitored conditions approach the predetermined thresholds.

Customized accounts for department managers
Thanks to differential data access, it has been possible to improve corporate communication, particularly between quality and sales departments. Multi-access management has made it possible to create a stream of granular data inside the company regarding product management along the chain. Depending on the severity of the potential alarms, Bonazza was able to provide access to information to the direct employees in charge, thus optimising its resources.