Wenda for Villa Oppi

Avoiding thermal stress when exporting wine over long distances

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  • Advanced supply chain traceability
  • 100% increase in supply chain visibility and accessibility
  • Awareness of critical points in the supply chain
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    Villa Oppi is a winery in Emilia Romagna that has always been oriented to limited production but with a high organoleptic value. Thanks to the manual selection of the grapes and the complete control of the production cycle from the vineyard to the cellar, up to the refinement first in barriques and then in the bottle, Villa Oppi carries out a work of constant research of excellence and quality.


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    Distribution of luxury Italian wines

Today the main issues that the actors in the wine chain have to face involve the logistic management of the wine product: it is almost never 100% guaranteed that the product remains intact along the supply-chain, that it does not exceed the critical thresholds of environmental parameters (such as temperature) for its ideal conservation.
Wine shipments, especially when directed to very distant destinations, travel long and tortuous routes, with many stops and changes of carrier. When placed in stressful conditions, delicate products such as luxury wines can quickly change colour and flavour, risking not fully meeting consumers' expectations.
Failure to control the condition of the shipment in the main logistic hubs contributes to drastically increase the probability of shelf life reduction and subsequent batch withdrawals, nullifying the possibility of predicting and solving potential problems.


Villa Oppi needed a system that would guarantee the monitoring of its wine along all stages of the transport chain, in order to protect it and get it to its destination with all its distinctive qualities intact.

Villa Oppi is the exclusive producer and distributor of the "Sangue di Miura by Tonino Lamborghini" line of wines, the winery's flagship product and best seller in emerging Asian markets. Since the first requests, coming from Japan and South Korea, the company has felt the need to control the wine's temperature conditions during shipments.

The company's goal was to find a monitoring software that would assess the critical points along the way, in terms of high temperature peaks, without using complex technologies that would block or slow down its operations and those of its customers.

Our solution

Wenda enabled Villa Oppi to access the Wenda all-in-one Platform, allowing real-time monitoring of temperature and geolocalization through the use of proprietary algorithms and data loggers available on the market.

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When shipping to Japan, the temperatures detected were almost always below the set thresholds, recording only short peaks, always within the normal temperature range.

The shipment to South Korea, on the other hand, suffered numerous peaks of high temperatures, especially in the second part of the trip, which took place by sea: the duration of the expedition combined with a warmer season, led the Wenda Platform to detect some risks of product integrity, sharing them in real time with the company.

The Platform provided the ability to observe integrity alerts of both shipments along the way on a single dashboard, identifying an overview of critical points along the supply chain.
Travel and quality documents were stored in a cloud wallet on the Platform so that the company could take advantage of the information and easily share it with its customers.

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Advanced supply chain traceability
Villa Oppi had the opportunity to take care of its products thanks to configurable temperature notifications for each shipment, so that such an important parameter for wine preservation could always be monitored.

100% increase in supply chain visibility and accessibility
Critical points for maintaining the integrity of the product in its Asian supply chain have been successfully identified, and they have enabled greater product care throughout the whole chain. All information, available on a single dashboard, was easily accessible: this streamlined the company's internal decision-making processes.

Awareness of critical points in the supply chain
The alarm notification management system alerted Villa Oppi by email when the monitored conditions were about to exceed critical thresholds. Being aware of the most critical parts of the supply chain, the company can now make arrangements with its logistics partner to keep the temperature problem under control.