Wenda for one of the largest wholesale markets in Italy

Providing proper operations and supply chain management. Ensuring supplier collaboration and traceability for a transparent supply chain.


  • Traceability of products sent by suppliers 
  • Availability of objective data for management
  • Greater control of supply chain processes
  • Company

    Wholesale markets that constitute one of the major realities at European level for the wholesale trade of fresh food products. They operate at a local level, importing products from all over the world and developing exports of quality Italian products in EU and non-EU Countries.

  • Market

    EU/Extra EU

  • Industry

    Wholesale agrifood markets

Ensuring proper operational management and safety of the products marketed is one of the key points for a company that operates in the wholesale sector and is, today, also among the main challenges that these types of companies face. In addition, proper management of the supply chain and operations, especially when it comes to food products, helps to maintain high final product quality, as well as optimize logistics, quality control and IT costs.

The challenge
The company needs to easily, digitally and collaboratively verify products received in warehouses and obtain objective data to provide to different levels of management to then make operational decisions. It needs to do this in an extremely fragmented supplier environment with very high volumes and digitalization (by suppliers) at different levels of progress. It must also adopt a system that can be integrated with existing and future systems, and also allows suppliers to work easily and collaboratively.

Our solution
Wenda provides its supply chain visibility, traceability and collaboration platform to the Mercati system and all suppliers, enabling all operators and managers to work with a common, easy-to-adopt tool.

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Significant increase in supply chain visibility
Fully and accurately track food and beverage products through all the most delicate logistical phases from suppliers up to warehouses.
Digitalizing, analyzing, and gaining complete visibility of your supply chain allows you to have complete product traceability during distribution, achieve advanced data management with related digital archives for documents, and enhance your brand.

Simplifying the supplier-customer relationship
A collaborative platform for supply chain visibility and traceability, open to any external system in a standardized way, brings efficiency and extreme simplification to the daily operations of commercial exchanges.

Simplify management and control operations
Central office managers have the ability to better manage suppliers and verify particular issues or incidents; they can decide who has access to what information for each delivery.