Automated processes

  • Pickup request via mail → Shipment created on TMS with date, location and client

    Automatically turn a customer request via mail to pick up goods into a task into your TMS assigned to a person or a carrier.

  • Delivery note pdf/excel → Inbound traceability on WMS → Data on Tableau/BI

    Turn pdf delivery note data into traceability and inbound data on your WMS to know what you will be receiving and see data on Wenda or on a BI too

  • Client order → Track & Trace → Notify

    Automatically turn client order data into tracking data for your fleet or your partners. Notify client about the delivery, if needed provide the client with transit ETA.

  • Sales quote in PDF → Bill of Lading draft → Container tracking

    Automate data exchanges from the sales/export/import department and the monitoring of transiting containers

  • GPS tracker → Localization notification + Sms & whatsapp

    Aggregate location data from different GPS or location systems into in transit notification via sms or WhatsApp.

  • DDT+Invoice+Packing List → Lot n° traceability in ERP

    Automatically turn traceability or product data from many documents into your ERP or quality system.

  • Supplier portal → inbound and quantity traceability

    For your most important supplier, collaborate into a supplier portal to let them upload goods they will send to you, with detail for quantity, price, type of product etc.

  • Multiple T° tracker → Alarm notification → Quality report

    Aggregate cold chain data from different trackers both in transit or in storage, notify any alarm to responsible and extract reporting

Wenda Modules

Get your supply chain management

Wenda integrates with the main measuring equipment, data loggers and software available on the market, to achieve complete data visibility in all the processes of your supply chain.

Active documents

Active automation streamlines workflows and makes organizations more profitable, flexible, and responsive. It also increases employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing repetitive daily tasks. Active automation is a noninvasive solution and can be rapidly implemented to accelerate digital transformation. Automating workflows that involve legacy systems is its key strength.

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Suppliers & Inbound flows

Better manage and connect with suppliers, verify the quality and the compliance of the goods you are about to receive. Reduce the time it takes to deal with suppliers, while also increasing the final quality of operations.

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Gain complete control over your products and assets. Discover the roots of your supply chain disruptions. Increase your customers’ trust. Better manage your supplier and product data to increase overall compliance.

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Condition monitoring

Get condition monitoring of your shipments and storages to prevent costly spoilage and brand losses.
Wenda supports third-party device integration through our interfaces. We can aggregate different types of data: temperature, humidity, light & more. We’ll find a solution that fits your needs.

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Tracking & ETA

Increase agility with instant access to real-time shipment information. Anticipating problems rapidly and precisely will boost your efficiency by managing exceptions to mitigate their impact.

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Inventory & Orders

Increase efficiency and speed in the warehouse together with inventory turns and supplier KPIs.
Reduce stock outs and make better inventory decisions with enhanced warehouse and transit time data. Better manage pre-transit & in-transit exceptions earlier in the shipment lifecycle process.

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Picking & Outbound

Organize your picking processes and outbound activities. Speed up your operations and increase accuracy levels while reducing the errors. Easily get insights on your operators’ activity.

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Start working better with your suppliers, clients and partners speaking a common language. Get a complete overview of your supply chain from suppliers to customers. Reduce planning on the outbound and inbound. Improve customer satisfaction and satisfy regulators expectations without changing existing systems.

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Get management of the entire supply chain

Understand and navigate temperature and track & trace data throughout the chain, regardless of hardware and software already installed. Govern the chain at every stage: from the first analysis and exit of goods to shipment, from the warehouse to distribution, up to the point of sale and the consumer. 

With the use of the whole Platform, which combines the potential of all modules, you will be able to control, manage and share from start to finish any information concerning: