Logistics and transport company (air, land, sea)

Digitalization and categorization of transport documents with AI

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  • Company

    The Spanish branch of a leading global transportation and logistics company with about 1300 sites in more than 100 Countries. Provides sea and air freight forwarding, contract logistics, and overland operations.

  • Market


  • Industry

    Logistics and transport

Business challenge

Need to find a solution to digitalize and streamline document and back-office activities related to logistics. Simplifying the transition of data from paper documents to your ERP. Improved methods for tracing crucial data back to the company's operations in a fast and streamlined manner. 


Automatic reading, classification and data extraction of scanned transport documents according to the company's defined categories using Wenda's intelligent algorithms. Sending data into the company ERP for search by operators. Simplified processing of transport documents. 


  • Automation of transportation and logistics document management
  • Time saved for employees in performing document and back-office activities
  • Process optimization of back-office activities