Wenda for Camst Group

Ensuring Food Safety and work efficiency in the Collective Catering sector

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  • Operations improvement
  • Availability of objective data to prove compliance with regulations
  • Greater control of internal processes
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    Camst Group is an Italian group that operates in the Collective Catering sector, combining a passion for tradition with refined cuisine, controlled raw materials, great safety and product quality. Camst Group's offer for public and private organizations is divided into catering services using technology, state-of-the-art preparation methods, diversified and tailor-made solutions. All production, packaging, transport and distribution processes are certified.


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    Collective Catering services

Monitoring  product integrity and temperatures inside refrigeration units in kitchens is one of the main needs of companies offering catering services. In the period we are living in, being able to comply with HACCP protocols and ensuring the highest quality and Food Safety are becoming increasingly complex activities: they involve many employees and require increasingly advanced control and coordination systems.


Camst Group needed to ensure the integrity and quality of the food offered in order to provide consumers with the highest quality products with an adequate shelf life. To do this, it needed to monitor product integrity and temperatures in 8 refrigeration units located in its kitchens.

In addition, Camst Group wanted to use innovative tools and systems that would increase the efficiency of controls and secure the implementation of HACCP protocols. Employees also needed support in day-to-day operations to set up smoother internal communication and pay great attention to Food Safety and quality.

Our solution

Wenda provided Camst Group with access to the Wenda all-in-one Platform, capable of monitoring cold room temperatures in real time, thanks to the plug & play app and data loggers installed in the refrigeration units that were to be controlled.

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After the Quality manager established the integrity thresholds, the data loggers were activated via smartphone and began to record potential temperature criticalities for product integrity: in this way Camst Group was able to monitor temperature trends via smartphone notifications on a single dashboard.
Furthermore, Camst Group had the opportunity to experience Wenda's multi-access function, designed to create a flow of information inside the company regarding the most performing refrigeration units. This paved the way for more efficient communication between colleagues and within the company.

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Operations improvement
The head of the kitchens was able to find out which were the best performing kitchens. There was also a considerable improvement in the attention paid by employees to the daily preparation of meals. In addition, the operations manager was able to notice that some refrigeration units were not operating at 100% capacity.

Availability of objective data to prove compliance with regulations
The quality manager could more easily document the HACCP protocols, being able to provide the quality control bodies with objective data regarding the monitoring of processes and products, in order to be fully compliant with current regulations.

Greater control of internal processes
There was an exchange of different information layers between management and Camst Group staff. Critical hours and days of the week were identified with regard to the performance levels of the refrigerators. Statistics relating to individual and aggregated refrigeration units were shown on a single control point, to be able to intervene in a timely manner if any criticality occurred.