Temperature-controlled freight transportation

Extended visibility of temperature-controlled shipments

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  • Company

    A company specialized in the transportation of temperature-controlled goods. It handles freight shipments of its client companies to all domestic and international destinations, making this business easier, more convenient and faster.

  • Market


  • Industry

    Logistics and transport

Business challenge

Need to have real-time visibility into temperature-controlled transports, carried out with their own vehicles. Sharing critical information with customers on the status and condition of their transport orders. 


Wenda's device agnostic platform connects to data loggers installed on the company's vehicles and collects temperature data in real time during transport. The company receives alerts and notifications in real time if temperatures do not meet the threshold set by the company. Customers are able to view their transport order data on the platform through their accounts. 


  • Extended visibility and transparency to customers 
  • Improved customer satisfaction and service quality 
  • Proactive supply chain: prevention of costly spoilage and brand loss