Wenda for Venegazzù

Monitoring geographical location and temperature parameters during transport of alcoholic products

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  • Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
  • 100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Customized accounts for other supply chain actors
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    Venegazzù is an Italian wine and spirits producer working both nationally and internationally, distributing its products in about 30 Countries including the United States, Germany and Northern Europe. Among the founding values of the company are the love for Made in Italy, the passion for quality and respect for the environment, fundamental qualities to create products of great character and uniqueness.


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    Having a single platform to monitor how the product is treated is a great added value for my clients.”

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    Wine and Spirits Distribution

Optimizing the logistical management of the wine product is a key goal for companies exporting alcohol over long distances. The average consumer, in fact, is more oriented to buy from producers with whom he can build a relationship that leads to greater awareness, also thanks to supply chain traceability.
For this reason the constant monitoring of temperatures along the shipping route becomes a fundamental element to guarantee quality and integrity of the products.


Venegazzù, having received an order for wine from clients in China, wanted to respond in the best possible way to the demand in order to strengthen its business relations with an increasingly important business area in the wine industry as a receptive market.

Venegazzù's challenge was to assess any problems or obstacles that they might encounter during the shipment from Italy. For this reason they had to find a technologically advanced, precise system that would monitor both the geographical position and the temperature parameters remotely, without managing complex analytical instruments.

Our solution

Wenda has given Venegazzù access to the Wenda all-in-one Platform, allowing real-time monitoring of temperature and geolocalization through the use of proprietary algorithms and data loggers available on the market.

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The Platform has provided the ability to observe on a single dashboard integrity alerts regarding the maintenance of ideal conditions for wine bottles along the way, and an overview of critical points along the supply chain.

All in all, the expedition was successful: the temperature remained almost always below critical levels, recording only two very short peaks - which are normal when goods pass from the Mediterranean to the hottest part of the Arab region. 

Travel and quality documents were stored in a cloud wallet on the Wenda Platform so that Venegazzù could take advantage of the information and easily share it with its customers.

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Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
Venegazzù has been able to take care of its products thanks to the configurable alarm thresholds for each storage, and to connect its systems to the platform by grouping all the information about the integrity of its wines on a single dashboard.

100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
Alarm notification management, based on setting the severity of the problem, has enabled Venegazzù to identify critical points in terms of product integrity along its supply chain. This awareness is invaluable, because it has allowed to better manage shipments, improving previously unknown critical points and allowing a better care of the product.

Customized accounts for other supply chain actors
Thanks to differential access for customers, suppliers, insurance companies and logistical partners, Venegazzù has been able to strengthen its business relationships. Wenda's access management made it possible to quickly enable Venegazzù customers' accounts and show them the progress of operations in the name of increasing transparency.