Group of freight forwarders and shipping agents

Track & Trace of sea shipments, extended visibility in transit

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    Group of freight forwarding companies and shipping agents with more than 200 years of experience in logistics and transportation. The company offers domestic and international shipping services (by air, sea, road and rail), management of freight warehouses for third parties and customs operations.

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    Logistics and transport

Business challenge

Provide its customers with a track&trace service on a shared cloud platform. Easily monitor the status of shipments in transit at the container level. Share timely shipment status updates with customers. 


Track & Trace maritime shipments through a single cloud platform. Holistic view of shipments and accurate information on ETAs and locations. Dedicated customer accounts to track shipment status and receive critical shipment information. All on the same platform, each with their own account to track their shipments. 


  • Extended visibility and collaboration with customers 
  • Reduced errors and calls 
  • Anticipation of problems quickly and accurately