Last mile food delivery

Management of physical warehouse operations, WMS solutions for supply chain

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  • Company

    Italy's first anti-waste food delivery company with hundreds of suppliers, Italian farmers, who grow products specific to their local area.

  • Market


  • Industry

    Last mile food delivery

Business challenge

Complete management of physical warehouse operations raw materials, finished goods and distribution in the transit point, with real-time inventory monitoring. Optimization of inventory management and picking activities.


Physical warehouse operations management module for integrated, digital management of logistics in different warehouses and transit points. The solution is integrated with the management system in order to optimize the logistics operations of acceptance (identification and receipt), storage (pouring of goods into the warehouse), picking, handling, shipping and inventory of products.


  • Improved efficiency in the management of logistics and warehouse operations 
  • Improved product traceability 
  • Improved inventory management and customer satisfaction