Wenda for a Logistics/Transport Company

Enabling the Logistics/Transport company to provide full visibility of temperature and localization of products in transit, integrating data into its Track&Trace or ERP platforms

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  • 24/7 visibility of the cargo and its integrity
  • Fast integration without technological change
  • More services for your customers
  • Reduced control and management time
  • Company

    The company has many years of experience in Transport and Logistics as a carrier (Carrier), Freight Forwarder (Freight Forwarder), Customs Agency (Custom Agency) and Logistics Platform (Logistic Terminal) with particular regard to those countries considered "at risk" where few can access (Caucasus, Central Asia, CIS Area, Middle East, Balkans).

    • 11 offices in Europe and Middle East
    • Intermodal transport by sea, land, air
    • Direct and consolidated shipments

    Company Quote

    “Being able to integrate via API the data of different data loggers in a fast, effective way and all in the Track & Trace platform that my clients use is very useful.” [CEO - Client Company]

  • Market

    Europe - Middle East

  • Industry

    Logistics and Transport

Enabling the Logistics/Transport company to provide its customers with a more extensive service: full temperature visibility of products in transit on multimodal logistics, integrating temperature and location data simply and continuously into the company's track & trace / ERP platforms.

The challenge

The transport and logistics company wanted to improve its service of continuous direct monitoring of all phases of the supply chain and needed to inform its customers - ensuring knowledge of loading and unloading point, and where and in what condition the goods were - without changing their software platform, thus ensuring continuity to the user experience of product tracking. All on the same proprietary track & trace portal or ERP.
The company therefore had to integrate in its ERP and the track & trace platform used by its customers the various temperature, traceability and location data from different data loggers located in the vehicles of the various suppliers, in order to add remarkable information and enhance the level of service to its customers.
Finally, the company wanted to obtain the possibility, through the same integration, to include additional traceability and track & trace services.

Our solution

Wenda created in a very short time a Web Service API connection that brings the data of different data loggers used in each shipment to the ERP and the logistics' proprietary track & trace platform, reducing the fragmentation of data sources and simplifying control operations.
In this way the company was able to offer its customers and users – in addition to the information and documents already present – full real-time visibility of the data collected by data loggers, concerning temperature, traceability and localization of the goods on its track & trace platform, improving the quality of service.

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More services for your customers
From now on, the company's clients will be able to consult the track&trace platform and also find temperature and traceability data there: in this way the company has been able to improve the service offered, adding useful information to its customers and creating added value.  

24/7 visibility of load integrity and location
Thanks to Wenda, the company was able to obtain complete visibility of both the traceability and temperature data of the loads and the different locations along its logistical routes. This type of visibility is valuable because it allows to better manage future shipments by improving previously unknown critical issues and product care.

Rapid integration without technological changes
The integration operation was very useful to the company because in this way it obtained a new service, without any particular effort, since integration was a rather streamlined and standardized process. With the same, single integration, the company has been and will be able to integrate different data loggers and traceability technologies that will be useful in the future. 

Reduced control and management time
Control and management time has been greatly reduced because all data collected by the data loggers are now conveyed to a single platform, eliminating the need to consult multiple data sources and simplifying internal processes.

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