Wenda for pharma transport

Ensuring visibility of pharma transport and enabling a better level of service

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  • Traceability of transported assets (from pickup to unloading)
  • More efficient transport execution
  • Improved customer service and service level
  • Company

    Italian leader in the transport of temperature-controlled drugs and parapharmaceuticals, more than 200 employees, a fleet of 170 vehicles, among its customers it boasts all the major drug distribution companies and home oxygen therapy. It has several hubs in different regions to ensure a widespread distribution. A company that has always aimed at technological and process innovation.

  • Market


  • Industry

    Logistics and transport

Enabling transportation companies to provide customers with a more comprehensive service using state-of-the-art technology is key: error reduction; visibility of pickup, transport and delivery operations; collaboration with parties involved in operations; compatibility with information systems.

The challenge

The transport and logistics company expressed the need to have a digital product (Web Platform and Mobile App) to track its vehicles and drivers, the packages loaded and unloaded by them in order to have complete traceability and visibility of its supply chain.

In addition, to inform their customers - ensuring knowledge of the loading and unloading point, possibly of where and in what condition the goods are - without disrupting the IT systems and technologies in use, and thus ensuring continuity of the user experience for customers and operators.

Our solution

The Wenda platform allows to have the digitalization of the automated delivery round based on the orders received from the management system, a complete overview of the location of the vehicles, and through the App the traceability of the transported and consolidated boxes, proof of withdrawal of goods from distributors, and proof of delivery of packages to end customers. 

The open platform allows a scalability of additional technologies over time, always to provide optimization of supply chain operations, better customer service and greater transparency.

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Significant increase of asset tracking
Fully and accurately track cases of pharmaceutical products as they are collected, consolidated and delivered to end customers.
Have complete traceability of products, achieve advanced data management with associated digital archives for documents and photographs. 

Higher level of service
A collaborative platform for supply chain visibility and traceability, open to any external system as standard, brings efficiency and extreme simplification to daily operations both internally and with customers.

Simplified management and control operations
Central office managers have the ability to better manage field operations at all times. Verify particular issues and/or incidents; they can decide who has access to what information for each delivery.

Future scalability
External accounts allow supply chain stakeholders to view information in real time.