Large-scale retail chain

Management of distribution centers with hundreds of operators and automatic warehouses

  • Company

    Leading Italian GDO chain, fashion distributor (traditional channel and e-commerce), other customers. Diversity of goods handled, from no-food to food (including frozen) with multiple and complex operations, including automated warehouses of foreign suppliers.

  • Market


  • Industry

    Retail (GDO)

Business challenge

Managing multiple warehouses (new or migrations) located in different geographic areas with different operating teams (up to 400 simultaneous voice picking operators, even in cooperatives) integrated with ERP and other management software. Being integrated with on-premise and cloud systems and automated warehouses.


Provision of WMS with voice picking, RFID technology, integration with automated warehouses and different warehouse layouts as well as operational logic. System open to collaborative management with suppliers, also managing product traceability and – in the case of fashion – sizes/colors.


  • 200 packages/hour/operator
  • Up to 400 picking operators simultaneously connected
  • Multiple warehouses connected and managed
  • Better stock management and customer satisfaction