Wenda for Kettle Produce España

Providing Food Integrity of fruit and vegetables over long distances

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  • Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
  • 100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Customized accounts for other users in the supply chain
  • Company

    Kettle Produce España is a Spanish company, founded in 2003, which operates in the AgriFood sector. Kettle's products are controlled from farm to delivery to customers, thanks to daily monitoring of the fields, optimization of irrigation cycles and control of harvest trends, ensuring clear and accurate information to buyers. Harvesting takes place at the optimum time of ripening, so that products can be delivered under ideal conditions of colour, flavour and aroma.


    Company quote

    “Kettle Produce España is very pleased with the collaboration with Wenda, since it allows us to employ a very effective and flexible tool to monitor our goods. For the characteristics of the products we work with, it is crucial to be able to control and have first-hand, real-time information on the situation. All this enabled us to get ahead of potential issues with unloading processes and to solve them already during the shipment phase, so that we can deliver the product in perfect conditions and, above all, at the correct and required temperature. A great success!”

  • Market

    North Europe

  • Industry

    Fruit and Vegetables Distribution

The extension of Food logistics chains requires great care by the market in handling loads of fruit and vegetables, because they are characterized by a high degree of perishability and therefore have a limited shelf-life. For companies working in this sector there is consequently the need to employ innovative solutions for the advanced, yet rapid, management of Food Integrity, to be aware of everything that happens at every point in the chain, communicate quickly with internal staff, deliver fresh products and reduce the return rate on sales.


Kettle Produce España carries out many shipments of vegetables on the logistical routes connecting Spain with northern Europe. The company needed to monitor its shipments to Scotland to see if there were any problems related to temperature or localization during transport.
It was also necessary to access this information via web so that it could be easily shared with internal offices. Kettle Produce España also wanted to see if the trucks arrived at their destination at the agreed times, so geolocalization was a key factor for the company.
Finally, the company needed an effective way to communicate accurate, real-time information about the integrity data of each shipment to both the support center and the Scottish offices.

Our solution

Wenda provided Kettle Produce España with access to the Wenda all-in-one Platform, which – thanks to its cross-chain and cross-device capabilities – enabled real-time temperature monitoring and geolocalization through the use of proprietary algorithms and data loggers available on the market.

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Kettle Produce España was able to use the Wenda Platform multi-access management: a function that allows companies to communicate more efficiently with their external and internal collaborators, allowing granular access to data for employees and collaborators.

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Wenda's digital Platform enabled Kettle Produce España to observe any integrity alerts regarding the preservation of vegetables during their journey in a single, quickly accessible dashboard and to have a quick overview of the risky points in the supply chain during the 2019 vegetables trade season.


Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
Wenda's system for managing temperature alarms, configurable for each shipment and operating on a single dashboard, allowed access to the data needed to control the products in a few seconds, without having to coordinate complicated analytical tools and lengthy management processes.

100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
Kettle Produce España was able to identify the main critical points regarding temperatures along the sections of its supply chain and verified compliance with the delivery times agreed with its logistics partner. It was thus able to take care of its shipments to deliver fresh, intact and controlled vegetables to its clients.

Customized accounts for other users in the supply chain
Multi-access management has enabled Kettle Produce España to share travel data with both its customer service department and its offices in Scotland, the final recipients of the shipped products.