Wenda for Gelardini & Romani

Preserving taste and quality in the transport of luxury Italian wines to Asian Countries

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  • 100% increase in supply chain visibility and accessibility
  • Availability of objective data for future complaints
  • Awareness of the main critical points of the supply chain
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    Gelardini & Romani has been the leading auction house for Italian luxury wines in Hong Kong since 2011. Thanks to its experience, the company is able to provide the client with a reasoned evaluation in a short time based on technical parameters, such as the current market value and prices recorded during the auctions. Since its birth, Gelardini & Romani has been characterized by the management of events concerning the promotion of wine in Italy and China, organizing each event as a tailor-made dress according to the tastes of the public, which each time has different social and cultural origins.


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    “Collecting objective parameters during transportation of fragile products such as fine wines is fundamental to guarantee the final client an intact product, transported respecting the highest quality and security standards in the cold chain.”

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    Luxury wines promotion

Shipments of wine containers from Italy to remote Countries are subject to a variety of logistical difficulties. For any exporter it is therefore necessary to remotely monitor temperature parameters, without having to manage too many complex analytical instruments, so as to assess the risks of product integrity and rapidly understand the critical points along the way.


Gelardini & Romani needed to ship pallets of luxury wines from Italy to Hong Kong and wanted to carefully check the bottles, to be 100% sure that they would remain intact along the supply chain and that they were not exposed to excessive temperatures.
The average foreign luxury wine consumer pays a lot of attention to quality and is oriented towards choosing companies with whom they can build a relationship leading  to greater awareness - thanks to supply chain traceability. Therefore, the challenge faced by Gelardini & Romani was to provide its customers with the guarantee of optimal product management.

Our solution

Wenda provided Gelardini & Romani with access to the all-in-one Platform that has enabled real-time temperature monitoring through proprietary algorithms and data loggers available on the market.

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Wenda's Platform has received and analyzed unstructured and dispersed data collected from data loggers used in the various stages of the supply chains crossed by Gelardini & Romani wines. The Platform gave the possibility to observe on a single dashboard any integrity alerts regarding the storage of wine bottles during their journey, as well as to have an overview of the main critical points along the supply chain.

Gelardini & Romani was consequently able to provide its customers with the best services currently available for managing the integrity of wines while travelling, and was also able to contact its insurance agency and show objective data on products not perfectly managed, as was agreed.

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100% increase in supply chain visibility and accessibility
Gelardini & Romani has had the opportunity to take care of its products thanks to product integrity alert thresholds –which can be customized for each luxury wines shipment – and to connect its systems to the Platform to collect all the information on a single dashboard, so that it can access the necessary data in a few seconds, without having to coordinate complicated analytical tools and long management processes.

Availability of objective data for future complaints
The possibility of obtaining structured and reliable data to make claims based on objective data has been granted: this is a key factor for international operators handling high value loads.

Awareness of the main critical points of the supply chain
Gelardini & Romani has been able to identify the main critical points of its supply chain, carefully following its luxury wines and managing them with care. Without the support of Wenda, Gelardini & Romani would not have been aware of the failure to comply with the maximum transport temperature thresholds agreed with the logistics operator before the trip, thus remaining exposed to any complaints from its customers.