Wenda for Baladin

Maintaining a sound integrity of the quality of the craft beer in international shipments

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  • Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
  • 100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Supply chain collaboration
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    The agricultural brewery Baladin was founded in 1996 as a brewpub (production and direct brewing) in the Langhe, in the province of Cuneo, by its founder and master brewer Teo Musso. Over the course of its history, it changed location several times, meeting the growing production needs until it settled in its modern, vast current location: the Baladin Open Garden, an open space where to transmit the passion for craft beer and the philosophy that guides the creation of each product designed by Teo Musso.


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    Craft beer Distribution

Craft beers are a high quality product that stands out in the world of beer production for its important and peculiar characteristics. Maintaining a perfect integrity of these properties during shipping and logistic connections is fundamental to avoid a reduction in the product's shelf life: if stressed, craft beer can quickly change its taste and colour, releasing acidulous notes that may not meet the consumer's expectations. In addition, if problems and inefficiencies in shipment management systems remain unknown, the likelihood of delays, poor transport coordination and other negative consequences increases.


Baladin indicated the need to monitor pallets with its craft beer during 10 shipments from the company's headquarters in Italy to European and non-European clients, ensuring that they arrived at their destination while maintaining the important, special characteristics in which it had invested heavily.

Given the specific need for the product to travel at temperatures below 25 °C, the company expressed the need to control temperature parameters remotely, managing an easily accessible set of analytical instruments to assess the integrity risks for the beverages in terms of real-time thermal stress and geolocalization, and to identify the most critical points in the various logistics routes.

Baladin also wanted to equip warehouse and shipping department managers with accessible technological instruments to monitor their operations and accurately locate issues.

Our solution

Wenda gave Baladin access to the all-in-one Platform, set up – according to Baladin's requests – to monitor in real time temperature and geolocalization of foreign shipments, specifically to European and non-European destinations, thanks to proprietary algorithms and reusable data loggers. The Platform, as soon as it was put into operation, warned Baladin that during a shipment passing through Zanzibar the cargo remained at customs longer than expected.

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Wenda's software received and analyzed unstructured data from both the various supply chain hubs and the warehouse. Baladin was able to use a straightforward Platform and observe potential integrity alerts regarding the storage of its beers during the trip. All this in a single dashboard that provided a clear overview of the risk points in the supply chain and the microclimate of the warehouse.

Baladin took advantage of Wenda's multi-access feature to enhance supply chain collaboration by structuring different levels of access to travel data. Differential access was provided to the department that tracks shipments, the department that monitors the warehouse and the CEO, who wanted to control and manage the data of both departments.

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Advanced supply chain traceability and accessibility
Wenda has provided Baladin with the opportunity to take care of its products through configurable alarm thresholds for each shipment or storage. Baladin was able to assemble all beverage integrity information into a single screen, so that it could access the data needed in seconds, without having to coordinate complex analytical tools or lengthy management processes.

100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility
Wenda has enabled Baladin to identify the main critical points in its supply chain thanks to the alarm notifications management that alerted the company via email when and where the monitored parameters were about to exceed the thresholds. This level of visibility is very valuable because it allows the company to improve the management of future shipments by solving previously unknown critical issues and paving the way for advanced product care.

Supply chain collaboration
Wenda has made it possible for Baladin to communicate more efficiently with its internal staff. The company, having gained granular access to data for employees and associates, was able to create a flow of information within departments about how the supply chain works and how the product is handled.