Logistics and transport company

Automated management of collection requests: from email to shipment on customer's TMS

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  • Company

    Major German logistics company with operations in Europe, Asia and South America. The nationwide network boasts more than 40 branches and locations covering the entire territory and is staffed by more than 800 people.

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  • Industry

    Logistics and transport

Business challenge

The company wanted to eliminate manual and repetitive activities for handling pickup requests and creating shipments. There was also a need to streamline the data entry process between customer emails and documents on the one hand and internal TMS on the other. Finally, there was a need to decrease the time for the intake of pickup requests.


Using Wenda's intelligent algorithms to automatically recognize pickup requests received via email and extract the information needed to create shipments on the company's TMS: once the email with an attached document was received, Wenda's AI-based algorithms recognized the document as a pickup request in a fully automated manner.
They then extracted its technical specifications and other notable information, and initiated a workflow – which was also fully automated – that resulted in a shipment being created on the customer's TMS. Wenda also streamlined the process of creating shipments on the TMS and exchanging information between two different business units, the sales team and the operations team.


  • Valorization of the sales team's time
  • Reduction of time spent on back-office activities, reading emails and manually imputing data
  • Optimization of the shipment creation process on TMS and enhancement of the TMS itself
  • Improved internal collaboration and data exchange between different teams