Wenda for Apofruit

Ensuring food safety and product integrity in the fruit and vegetables supply chain

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  • 100% increase in cold chain visibility on every route
  • Availability of objective data to demonstrate compliance with regulations
  • Greater control of internal processes and optimization of information flows
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    For over 50 years on the international scene, Apofruit Italia is a cooperative company that operates with its own processing plants and producer members throughout the whole Italy, combining constant growth with the mission of developing the highest possible specialization in the main fruit and vegetable products of the Country.


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    Fruit and vegetables Distribution

Ensuring respect for food safety and quality is the main challenge for the fruit and vegetable industry. In addition, proper management of the supply chain, especially when it comes to the cold chain, helps to maintain the shelf life of the product and prevent its deterioration. This improves the efficiency levels of the system and provides the opportunity not only to present a high quality product but also to reduce batch recall rates.

The challenge

Apofruit needed to comply with Food Safety regulations of large retailers for shipments of strawberries and other fresh products from southern Italian markets in Scanzano Jonico (MT) to markets in central and northern Italy, overcoming the complexity and extension of the supply chain.

Apofruit also needed to provide access to operations control functions to its managers in the Scanzano Jonico plant and to the executives of the management systems plant, in order to monitor the supply chain and logistics operators and optimize their management.

Our solution

Wenda provided Apofruit with access to the whole Platform, allowing real-time monitoring of temperature and geolocalization through proprietary algorithms and data loggers available on the market.

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Integrity alerts collected in a single dashboard, and an overview of critical points along the supply chain, gave the opportunity to prove compliance with regulations by providing objective data, thus ensuring Food Safety, an adequate shelf life and full cold chain transparency of the cold chain.

Moreover, thanks to Wenda’s multi-access function, Apofruit was able to obtain access to granular data for employees and collaborators, creating a flow of information in the organization of product processing and chain functioning. In this way it was possible to follow how the monitoring system was set up and communicate the relevant information to the head of the central office. This involved more efficient communication between colleagues and within the organization.

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100% increase in cold chain visibility on every route
The implementation of alarm thresholds for each shipment and the connection of Apofruit systems to the Platform, with all the information available in a single, easily accessible dashboard, has enabled the enhancement of customer service, making the products easier to monitor, doing this in a more rigorous way.

Availability of objective data to demonstrate compliance with regulations
Food safety and quality data have been shared by Apofruit with insurance companies and quality control bodies to objectively demonstrate how the company controls its processes and products.

Greater control of internal processes and optimization of information flows
HQ managers were able to decide who had access to which information for each individual shipment: this allowed quick access to the Wenda Platform by the managers of the southern Italian plants, which were able to verify and validate different levels of operations.