May 30, 2020

Wenda won two awards at Seeds&Chips

Wenda participated at Seeds and Chips 2018, a 4-days meeting with leading global entrepreneurs, investors and executives building the future of food. The Global Food Innovation Summit is dedicated in showcasing national and international talents and cutting-edge solutions from around the world.

In this exciting environment rich of startups and corporates, Wenda had very interesting meetings with innovators from all around the world and it was awarded twice!

1- Future Food Award:
“Between the most important themes and main food system challenges we have a need for supply control and safety, against forgery and counterfeiting. […] When we look at the future of nutrition, we hear everyday about integrity, traceability, blockchain and food safety.
We decided to give this Award to Wenda because they’ve been able to do what all the startups should do, especially in this market. They’ve been able to listen, readjusted and pivoted, studied every client’s need to innovate and renew their offer: many solutions that pursue a world of food in constant evolution, which follows paths and trends that aren’t always about money and logic but also about taste or fashion.
And they understood that it is always necessary to analyze these trends, if not to foresee them […].” says Valerio Pappalardo, community manager and startup specialist at Future Food Institute.

The Future Food Institute is an Italian-based non-profit with global horizons that aims to build a more equitable world through enlightening a world-class breed of innovators, boosting entrepreneurial potential and improving agri-food expertise and tradition.

2- Deloitte Food Forward Accelerator:
“We chose a solution which put an eye into the supply chain, because the accelerator’s corporate partners represent all its steps; I think traceability is one of the key challenges in terms of transparency towards the consumer, and represents the turning point in confront to the simple label in order to make producers and consumers even more close.” says Gian Maria Gentile, Digital Manager at Unes (Finiper Group).

FoodForward is the first accelerator dedicated to innovative projects and startups related to the Food & Retail sector: coordinated by Deloitte, is developed in collaboration with three leading corporations such as Amadori, Cereal Docks and Finiper Group – which will work with startups to develop the new businesses of the future. FoodForward is also supported by leading players in the innovation ecosystem such as Innogest, Digital Magics, Seeds & Chips and Federalimentare Giovani.

“We are very happy for both the Awards. They fit our purpose of working for a better food chain with hands-on projects and commitment at national and international level” says the entire Wenda team and its advisors and investors.