May 30, 2020

WENDA takes part in Custodi di successo

On November 17 Wenda has participated in an evening event organised in Vicenza by Custodi di Successo, one of the first Italian business angel network (BAN), born in 2012 with the purpose of promoting new entrepreneurial initiatives to contribute to the creation of new jobs, providing financial and intellectual support for startups engaged in innovative, high growth potential markets.

The figure of the Business Angel is relatively new in the Italian landscape, and is referred to an informal investor interested in investing part of his/her personal resources in entrepreneurial projects with high innovation rate, low capital intensity, that can bring significant profits in a short time. Through Custodi di Successo, attempts are made to answer to a wide range of major problems of contemporary markets – the increasing brevity of economic cycles, the serious difficulties in retrieving funds and know-how, the exponential speed of change of industrial sectors and the challenges that emerge in the initial phases of startups – thanks to the creation of an environment that works as meeting point between demand and supply, with the objective of financing new business ideas investing in the risk capitale di rischio of Start Up companies, offering at the same time consultancy support for the development of the entrepreneurial idea thanks to the different expertises in CdS.

For Wenda being present at the Vicenza’s night arranged by Custodi di successo has constituted a great opportunity to show, in front of an audience composed of Venetian entrepreneurs and potential business angels, its three IoT products, Unique, jODYN IoT and MEMORvINO. Wenda was also able to benefit from the fact that, thanks to a prepared management, Custodi di Successo has offered distinct solutions to the problems abovementioned, such as meetings with networks of investors and business angels, structuring of learning processes, sharing of ideas, organisational methodologies and strategies for the reduction of business risk.

It has certainly been an interesting initiative that allowed Wenda to dialogue with part of the Italian and Venetian business world, and to publicise its experiences and IoT solutions in a highly qualified and innovative context.