May 29, 2020

WENDA Official Presentation at Vinitaly / Enolitech 2015

Bologna, March 22nd 2015

WENDA will be officially presented at the Vinitaly / Enolitech 2015 in Verona.
WENDA booth: pad / hall F – stand F6

The vision of WENDA comes from the ideal requirement, expressed by several actors of the Italian winery market, of protecting, sharing and communicating the journey of exclusive wines from the vineyard up to the final and quite emotional experience of sipping.

The overall meaning of the project has been found creating a team based on expert and well seasoned engineers, information technology professionals with a long term experience and yet – at the same time – a quite modern state-of-the-art awareness, young and extremely active students with open and determined eyes on their future, their dedicated professors and their valuable universities, other young startup companies with brilliant ideas in terms of corporate image and multimedia communication, agribusiness marketing agencies, architects, design companies, electronic manufacturers, experts on patents; basically whoever had good ideas and complementary competences, a proactive approach and an extremely developed and productive team spirit.

WENDA has been specifically developed for wine bottles,
as an expression of the most important and exclusive Food&Wine market and quality:
Wenda Device, Wenda App, Wenda Cloud – identification and traceability – monitoring and registration of the parameters influencing the conservation status – brand protection – anticounterfeiting – communication and promotion – extended potential to the whole value and supply chain – unique and exclusive emotional experience for wine lovers.

WENDA is all this and much more, with an ethical and proactive business approach.

Wenda is patent pending – totally designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy

[pb_blockquote author=”Ing. Antonio Catapano – CEO of Wenda”]Wenda is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting projects that I had the chance to manage in my entire professional life. The possibility of “humbly and politely” putting together technological innovation and tradition, tradition which comes from history and from authentic passions, generates an extremely challenging target: to live and share the journey of exclusive wine bottles beyond the cellar, travelling side by side with them, telling their story, protecting them and, as much as possible, increasing the overall advantages to the whole value and supply chain.[/pb_blockquote]

[pb_blockquote author=”The young professionals deeply involved in the project, key players of the Wenda project.”]The Food&Wine products of excellence of our country are extremely valuable assets which should be preserved and which should be communicated with a modern language and with a modern and innovative approach. We think that Wenda is a very good example of that. [/pb_blockquote]

A good friend of ours belonging to the wine market said
“Wenda? It will be a great story!”
Absolutely encouraging!

Contact for Press and Info:
Guido Rossi – Wenda srl –