March 01, 2023

Wenda is FoodTech 500 finalist

Wenda was selected to feature among the 500 finalist companies in FoodTech 500, a contest supported by Forward Fooding, the world’s first collaborative platform for the Food&Beverage industry. It is a network of entrepreneurs that connects corporate executives with the right innovators in order to enable meaningful collaborations that deliver real business outcomes for both parties.
FoodTech 500 aims to draw up the definitive list of the best 500 startup and companies which operate globally in the AgriFoodTech, the emergent sector exploring how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency and sustainability in designing, producing, choosing, delivering & enjoying food. Thus, it is possible to showcase the global startup talent at the intersection between Food, technology and sustainability, to highlight businesses that have the potential to transform the Food industry as we know it.

Featuring among the 500 selected companies, we at Wenda will have the chance to show to Forward Fooding partners – and in general to a great number of Food&Beverage actor – how much our technology and our practices contribute to shape the Food system in a more sustainable fashion, stressing one more time our commitment towards the general paradigm of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals set by UN.

FoodTech 500 definitive list will be published on February 4, 2020. Follow us on social media and get all the updates!


Wenda Platform

We at Wenda, an Italian startup backed by European investors, aim to contribute with our technological innovations to fix some of the issues affecting Food&Beverage actors. We developed a Digital Platform sold Saas with an annual subscription dedicated to helping Retailers to get full cold chain and freshness data visibility, boosting profits and cutting Food Safety management costs.
Our Digital Platform helps to understand and navigate cold chain and freshness data. It acts and adapts on the various supply chain stages, integrating the different traceability hardware and software. From those, the Platform automatically collects and analyzes data to deliver cold chain and freshness insights and statistics to managers in Stores, Distribution Centers and HQ, fostering their cooperation.
The Platform is safe, accessible, reliable and scalable, and it offers a host of benefits:

  • An overview of integrity analytics and hazard points along which the cold chain risks to break off;
  • Supply chain collaboration with differential access levels to journey data, to share the latter real-time with clients, logistics,and quality departments, insurance companies, regulatory bodies;
  • Wallet in cloud to upload and share travel papers, temperature and product quality certifications data, for each shipment or storage;
  • Universal IoT Platform granted by the integration with different traceability systems and data logger, which are constantly evolving.

Wenda was accelerated by UniCredit, as well as by Maersk, Digital Magics and Intesa Sanpaolo, and has received an investment round by Rockstart, one of the major startup accelerators in Europe. Also, Wenda is supported by a German investor with data science experience, and is developing predictive algorithms to calculate product spoilage probabilities when it is shipped or stored in the warehouse. Furthermore, some prescriptive algorithms are under development: on the basis of the data gathered up to now, they will be able to show the best company decision when particular conditions or events that might disrupt the smooth flow of the product in the supply chain arise.
For any information, to get to know us or to schedule a demo with the Platform, we invite you to visit our website.