May 30, 2020

Wenda – Digital Magics – Retail

Wenda is chosen by Digital Magics in their brand new accelerator dedicated to Retail Industry!

Wenda is dedicated to the entire agrofood distribution chain, that is why we are happy to be part of a Retail-program. Wenda is a startup too, so the link with Digital Magics is also crucial as per their importance in the market.
We will work hard to innovate services for the Retail!

Who is Digital Magics?
Digital Magics is a business incubator: it builds and develops startups, which offer content and services with high technological value. It guide the founders and digital talents providing acceleration services. In July 2013 Digital Magics was listed on AIM Italy – Alternative Capital Market dedicated to Italian SMEs with high growth potential, organised and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange

Wenda is in the bunch of 10 startups that have been selected among the 70 applications presented to magic Wand, a Digital Magics accelerator. Those startups will attend lessons, receive advisoring from retail industry experts and €5000 of prize.

Magic Wand Retail Revolution aims at accelerating the best italian startups that can compete in the global retail market, in order to enhance customer experience and create the shop of the future: connected, omnichannel, technologically advanced.

If you want to discover more on the accelerator, please visit Magic Wand Retail Revolution website.