February 02, 2023

Wenda wins the Challenge Logistica 4.0 by Clust-ER Innovate

The Challenge Logistica 4.0 competition organized by Clust-ER Innovate in collaboration with Emilia Romagna STARTUP has reached its conclusion.

The Challenge Logistics 4.0 competition aims to support the development and growth of the application of digital transformation solutions and technological innovation in the freight logistics sector, with the goal of making them more sustainable and efficient.
A comparison of 11 companies from all parts of Italy was seen, innovative solutions designed for logistics emerged, and among them three were awarded, including Wenda's project.

Wenda benefited from this meeting, having been able to propose a pitch to the technical committee and Clust-ER members, conduct networking activities, meetings with institutions, exchanges and collaborations with innovators and companies.
Wenda co-founders Mattia Nanetti and Antonio Catapano said: "Wenda works in Europe, but was born and took its first steps in Bologna. It is an honor for us to be the winner of an award promoted by our area on a topic we have been dealing with for years: innovation for logistics."
This win will allow Wenda to become part of the vibrant and dynamic innovation ecosystem generated by Clust-ER Innovate, where it will be able to capitalize on valuable connections for business and research, and enjoy broad access to multidisciplinary working groups.

Clust-ER Innovate brings together about 80 companies, laboratories and educational institutions in the Emilia Romagna region with the aim of strengthening the role of services in order to maximize their potential for driving and changing the production system and the entire regional socioeconomic system. It includes 5 strategic lines of research and innovation through working groups representative of Emilia Romagna's innovative services system: logistics, big data infrastructure, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, smart Information Technology services.
EmiliaRomagnaSTARTUP is the Emilia-Romagna Region's initiative for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas.