May 30, 2020

Wenda at Trentino School of Management

On Thursday, 8 February Wenda responded to the invitation to hold a seminar about “Digital and IoT technologies in the evolution of Wine-tourism proposal and its distribution” at the Trentino School of Management, as part of the cycle of seminars “Add a seat in the vineyard – Seminars on Wine-tourism” organised by the school itself to provide the participants with a thorough picture of the phenomenon, presenting some of the sector’s key-data, some best practices and the tendencies that characterise it.

This cycle of seminars is part of a larger training and research-response aiming at the integrated touristic valorisation of the Trentino’s oenological heritage, whose strategic vision includes also the analysis and development of initiatives that allow to attract specific demand segments, driven by precise reasons and that could find in Trentino the best conditions to satisfy their passion. It is also worth mentioning that in Trentino is practised a mountain viticulture that stretches across an area of 10.033 hectares, that includes a multitude of climate ranges, types of soil very different from each other and that present remarkable cases of heroic viticulture, some 20 wine grape varieties that thrive between 200 and 1.000 mt above sea level, and an overall production that in 2016 used to stand at about 1,2 millions of hectolitres.

Together with contact persons from Trentino Marketing, ApT, Consorzi e Strade del Vino, Wineries and Distilleries, Wenda had the chance to show its technologies in the sector of innovative IoT solutions for Food&Beverage markets, in accordance with its usual activism in the dissemination of its innovations, and to discuss productively – with both business operators and Wine Lovers attending the event – about the central role that these last nowadays play.