March 01, 2023

Wenda at the third Rockstart Agrifood Deepdive Week

Published on November 18, 2019

From 4 to 8 October, we were at Copenhagen for the third Deepdive Week of the Rockstart AgriFood Innovation Program’s first edition, held in Copenhagen.

This Deepdive Week of the Rockstart Agrifood program was filled with engagements and very satisfying for the results achieved together with the Rockstart team, which for Wenda is not just an investor but rather a reliable partner. We kept working on the key points to drive our growth, which we identified in our previous meetings, and we dove in new activities. We received a major helping hand from Rockstart AgriFood Innovation Program Core Mentors, Mark Spronk and Lui Salemsen, two extremely open, pragmatic and business-oriented persons with whom we analyzed the sales and fundraising compartments, focusing mainly on corporate selling and pricing.

Among the activities scheduled for this week, the Rockstart Ecosystem Day held on Tuesday, November 5 certainly was a crucial point: we displayed our know-how and capabilities to companies and investors active in Rockstart’s ecosystem, with which we found interesting connections for the international development of Wenda’s business. It was a relevant engagement since we were able to observe how much Rockstart Agrifood program contributes to the growth of both Wenda and the other startups involved.

Antonio Catapano, Wenda’s co-founder and CEO/CTO said that “Those spent together with the Rockstart team are always challenging, yet still extremely beneficial weeks on account of the topics discussed and the possibilities to see the accelerated growth of our startup. Through discussions, one-to-one sessions, mentors you explore issues to never stop studying and learning”.
Mattia Nanetti, Wenda’s co-founder, COO and Head of Go-to-Market and Fundraising, has thus elaborated on the time spent in Copenhagen with the Rockstart team: “More and more international opportunities are opening up since the Rockstart fund provides access to a vast, wide-ranging, extremely various international network, and it is perfect to get in touch with distribution actors”.

Rockstart is an international company which supports and accompanies towards success the best startups operating in different industries, among which AgriFood. In was born in 2011 in Amsterdam as one of the first startup accelerators in Europe, and is specialized in providing access to capitals, markets and expertise, connecting creditable startups with partners, investors, mentors and its own network. AgriFood is the first framework in which Rockstart provides support to startups up until Series B. With the creation of a 15 million € AgriFood fund, Rockstart aims to support startups and provide concrete, unprecedented access to capitals.

For Wenda, this meeting represented a unique chance to step up our economic and human growth, an additional time to enhance brand internationalization with the aim of continuous improvement of our performances and the expansion of our network. While waiting to return in Copenhagen for the fourth Deepdive Week of the AgriFood Innovation Program, we would like to thank Rockstart and all the people involved in this fantastic experience!


Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub

We at Wenda, an Italian startup backed by European investors, aim to contribute with our technological innovations to fix some of the issues affecting Food&Beverage actors who carry out temperature-controlled operations. We developed Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub, a digital platform sold Saas with an annual subscription dedicated to all the Food&Beverage actors who handle or manage perishable or sensitive products.

We help Retailers to get fresher and safer food at shelf level, increasing actual freshness and transparency perception, and decreasing Food Safety management costs. All this thanks to the only Enterprise digital Platform managing shelf life information along the supply chain and across multiple devices and systemsThe Platform manages all the product integrity information – among which cold chain, chemical tests, traceability, expiry date, shelf-life – in an advanced, easily accessible way and from a single control point on the web. It delivers:

  • An overview of integrity analytics and hazard points along which the cold chain risks to break off;
  • Supply chain collaboration with differential access levels to journey data, to share the latter real-time with clients, logistics,and quality departments, insurance companies, regulatory bodies;
  • Wallet in cloud to upload and share travel papers, temperature and product quality certifications data, for each shipment or storage;
  • Integration and interoperability with different traceability systems and data logger, which are constantly evolving.

Wenda was accelerated by UniCredit, as well as by Maersk, Digital Magics and Intesa Sanpaolo. Also, Wenda is supported by a German investor with data science experience, and is developing predictive algorithms to calculate product spoilage probabilities when it is shipped or stored in the warehouse. Furthermore, some prescriptive algorithms are under development: on the basis of the data gathered up to now, they will be able to show the best company decision when particular conditions or events that might disrupt the smooth flow of the product in the supply chain arise.
For any information, to get to know us or to schedule a demo with the Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub, we invite you to visit our website.