May 30, 2020

Wenda at Nova Agricoltura

On June 7, Wenda, at the invitation of Lorenzo Tosi Edagricole, has taken part with Valoritalia in Nova Agricoltura in vigneto 2018, an exhibition now already at its fourth edition, that this year was held in Osimo (AN) at one of the vineyards of Umani Ronchi winery. Climate change, precision viniculture and vineyards’ resistance to pathologies were the main themes of the many workshops and speeches that have taken place.

Wenda has shared a booth with Valoritalia – leader in Italy for control systems of DOC, DOCG and IGT wines, and of organic wine and farming – that is currently conducting a project regarding IoT system installed directly in the winery to monitor temperature and wine level in the barrique (that is, wooden barrels used for wine ageing). The synergy that has been determined between Wenda and Valoritalia demonstrates the importance of the principle of complementarity, since Wenda creates IoT technological solutions to monitor (also but not only) wine in the steps that follow production: hence, cooperation between companies that cover different areas of the same business sector has been quite fruitful. In Wenda’s and Valoritalia’s booth, called Laboratori in vigneto (Laboratories in the vineyard), have been presented some innovations that enable the whole paradigm of precision agriculture, also thanks to the kind introduction by Lorenzo Tosi, who personally escorted visitors (mainly farmers) during the event and stopped by each booth giving the stage to exhibitors that could then pitch their product and solutions.

Tosi has stated that “the attention for the environment and the comeback of traditional practices can surely be reconciled with the digital evolution of viniculture 4.0. Solutions of precision agriculture and tangible applications of IoT evolution can be matched up with both methods to safeguard vineyards longevity and solutions to rationalise the management of productive inputs. Never before Nova has achieved unexpected synergies between the most extreme frontiers of technological innovation and the tradition of good cultivation practices”.

Ultimately, this was a perfect occasion for Wenda to establish a strong reputation in the Marche territory, which has pledged to launch – straight from the wine’s original cradle, the soil – the revolution of the vineyard of the future.