May 19, 2021

Wenda at Netcomm Focus Food 2019

Published on November 12, 2019

On Tuesday, November 5,  Wenda was in Milan to attend Netcomm Focus Food 2019, a meeting dedicated to the discussion of the scenario of digital commerce and technological innovations for the Food&Grocery industry, organized by Netcomm in partnership with Tuttofood. A chance to uncover data, trends and success stories that characterize the digital evolution of a key sector for Italy’s ecosystem, which can find innovation to be a great force for growth opportunities.
We have met a mindful, fully prepared audience, composed mainly of managers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Marketing and Logistics chiefs, journalists. Many of the industry’s big companies, among which Barilla, Just Eat, Supermercato24, Danone, EcorNaturaSi, shared their know-how in the various panel discussions through scenario data, case histories and moments of confrontation.

Representing Wenda there was Antonio Catapano, co-founder and CEO, who took part into a panel discussion entitled “From the shopping list to the store checkout. Technologies and innovation”, moderated by Armando Garosci (Journalist, Editoriale Largo Consumo). Andrea Calarota (Head of Digital Services, EcorNaturaSi), Daniela Jurado (Italy Country Manager, VTEX), Paola Milan (COO, Foodchain Spa), Enrico Pandian (CEO, CheckOut Technologies) and Paola Trecarichi (Senior Head, HiPay Italia) joined the discussion with Antonio.
After the event, Antonio Catapano made the following statement: “In a context focused on technology and innovation, it was positive to be able to display what Wenda is doing to help Retailers to bring fresher, safer Food on the shelf  through innovative processes of monitoring  and integrated technological equipment and solutions”.

Netcomm, the Consortium of Italian Digital Commerce, is the reference point in the areas of e-commerce and digital Retail at both national and international level. Born in 2005, it brings together more than 400 international companies and outstanding SMEs. Netcomm supports the development of e-commerce and of companies’ digital evolution, generating added value for the whole Italian economic system and the consumers as well. Netcomm is one of the founding members of Ecommerce Europe, the European Association of e-commerce.
The main activities in which Netcomm engages are the development of studies and research on the world of e-commerce, the promotion of events and workshops, the creation of working groups to analyze e-commerce industries and most relevant topics from the point of view of economy and regulations, the support to internationalization processes for Italian companies.

We at Wenda are very pleased for being able to participate in this event, which gave us the chance to disseminate more and more our solutions for Retailers working with Food&Beverage supply chains.


Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub

We at Wenda, an Italian startup backed by European investors, aim to contribute with our technological innovations to fix some of the issues affecting Food&Beverage actors, from producers to retailers, logistics and insurance companies. We developed Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub, a digital platform sold Saas with an annual subscription dedicated to all the Food&Beverage actors who handle or manage perishable or sensitive products.
We help Retailers to get fresher and safer food at shelf level, increasing actual freshness and transparency perception, and decreasing Food Safety management costs. All this thanks to the only Enterprise digital Platform managing shelf life information along the supply chain and across multiple devices and systems. The Platform manages all the product integrity information – among which cold chain, chemical tests, traceability, expiry date, shelf-life – in an advanced, easily accessible way and from a single control point on the web. It delivers:

  • Overview of integrity analytics and hazard points along which the cold chain risks to break off;
  • Supply chain collaboration with differential access levels to journey data, to share the latter real-time with clients, logistics,and quality departments, insurance companies, regulatory bodies;
  • Paperless sharing via a wallet in cloud to upload travel papers, temperature and product quality certifications data, for each shipment or storage;
  • Universal IoT Platform for the integration and interoperability with different traceability systems and data logger, which are constantly evolving.

Wenda was accelerated by UniCredit, as well as by Maersk, Digital Magics and Intesa Sanpaolo. Also, Wenda is supported by a German investor with data science experience, and is developing predictive algorithms to calculate product spoilage probabilities when it is shipped or stored in the warehouse. Currently, Wenda is attending Rockstart’s acceleration program, a program by an international company which supports and accompanies towards success the best startups operating in different industries, among which AgriFood. Furthermore, some prescriptive algorithms are under development: on the basis of the data gathered up to now, they will be able to show the best company decision when particular conditions or events that might disrupt the smooth flow of the product in the supply chain arise.
For any information, to get to know us or to schedule a demo with the Wenda Food Integrity Management Hub, we invite you to visit our website.