March 01, 2023

Premio Speciale Corporate Fast Track Marzotto 2017

Wenda wins for the second time an award in the context of Corporate Fast Track of Premio Marzotto: last year in partnership with Ingdan, this year with Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, with the MEMORvINO service.

On October 27, in front of an audience composed of innovation companies and stakeholders, at the premises of SANTEX RIMAR GROUP | SMIT in Trissino (VI), 5 corporates (illycaffè, Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, Santex Rimax, Selle Royal e ZCube) have announced the startups that won the Premio Speciale Corporate Fast Track that falls within the sphere of Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2017, the most prestigious award of Italian ecosystem.

The Premio Speciale Corporate Fast Track intends to stimulate the creation of synergies between corporate companies and startups, and works as a mechanism through which the former support the course initiated by the latter, aiming both to provide industrial enhancement and market opportunities, and to start future partnerships in the spirit of Open Innovation, an increasingly emerging concept in contemporary industry.

Wenda has been selected by Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo amongst the winners of Premio Speciale Corporate Fast Track for its innovative IoT service, MEMORvINO.

Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo is one of the cutting-edge companies in the world of Open Innovation, and the occasion of Premio Speciale Corporate Fast Track represents for Wenda a great opportunity to engage in a productive partnership.

MEMORvINO is a service offered by Wenda that connects producers and wine lovers in wine tasting events. The planners of these events have the opportunity to facilitate the forging of stronger and more continuous relations between those first two, weaving a fil rouge between physical and digital experience, event after event. Thanks to MEMORvINO, service with IoT platform and device, planners and producers get an immediate feedback on the development of the event, the kinds of wine tasted and consumers profile; whereas wine lovers gather all the information they want about  wines, otherwise gone lost.

Ettore Nicoletto, CEO of Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, has decided to support MEMORvINO on the following grounds: «Today, wine lovers call for a closer connection with producers, looking for a direct contact inside exhibitions or business events, or visiting firsthand the places in which wine is rooted. This presupposes, on our part, a more dynamic and customised approach in communication: thanks to winery-hosting programs  and several tastings organised on national territory and abroad, contact points with our target audience increase exponentially and consequently the opportunities to gather valuable insight, that goes beyond business card. The possibility to understand the consumer’s preferences and personal attitudes is real, and this would enable to establish with the individual a customised communication relationship, close and straight. Starting from an identical analysis, the winning project has been able to find innovative solutions to meet those needs, combining operational pragmatism and use workability of the proposed tools».

In the words of Cristiano Seganfreddo, director of Progetto Marzotto who has led the night, «the paradigm of production and distribution of commodities as well as value has shifted. Technology and the digital have definitively overwhelmed a way of thinking before than of producing. Open Innovation is nothing more than willingness to open your own companies to the present. To make them porous and interactive through external agents of change as startups. It is a cultural and projectual change that can create infinite development opportunities for Italian SMEs. To this day still unexpressed».

Wenda is proud of its achievements in the dynamic and challenging context offered by an important  Italian industrial cluster such as the Veneto’s textile, in the very suggestive location of the headquarters of SANTEX RIMAR GROUP | SMIT in Trissino (VI). Along with Wenda, also 3Bee Hive-Tech from Como, Indigo AI and Blubrake from Milano, and H-Maps from Genova have been awarded.


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