May 30, 2020


An important strategic and commercial agreement was sealed between WENDA and PERSEO&MEDUSA.

PERSEO&MEDUSA (Isola del Giglio – Tuscany Coast), with uniquely manual procedures based on ancient Giglio traditions, crafts an ultra-niche heroic wine, from Ansonica native grape variety, in purity.

The whole production occurs without the use of any chemical: the territory’s typical saltiness and drought replace in a completely natural fashion what elsewhere is obtained through artificial methods.

This is a most limited collection, only 600 bottler per year are produced, genuine masterpieces that are commercialized in prestigious boxes of two bottles: the Investment Bottle and the tasting one, the Drink Bottle.

The PERSEO&MEDUSA project conjoins two antipodal galaxies: the finance and the emotions ones. Truly, this peculiar and powerful coupling, according to Pier Paolo Giglioni – PERSEO&MEDUSA’s CEO – portrays the seal of the most authentic essence of Made in Italy; design, creativity, style, passion and pleasure.

This ambitious vision has immediately wed with the objectives of WENDA Unique, the solution envisaged and realized for projects of such valor.

The bottles of that which has become to all intents and purposes the most expensive wine in the world will be embraced by Unique, WENDA’s exclusive top end.

It will be a great challenge for Unique, but we are fully confident that PERSEO&MEDUSA and WENDA, together and with great delight, will authoritatively symbolize the worldwide success of Made in Italy.