May 30, 2020

Open Innovation Day: Future Manufacturing

On 02 October Wenda participated to Open Innovation Day: Future Manufacturing, an initiative organized by UniCredit StartLab at Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin.

In a competent, curious and stimulating context we have talked about industry 4.0, innovative startups and SMEs involved in many sectors, and actions aimed to the creation of a “bridge” able to connect already structured firms with innovative startups, to develop commercial and technological partnerships.

On this occasion – surrounded by six other innovative startups selected by the UniCredit Start Lab’s Acceleration Program and originating from many Italian cities and from Germany – Wenda has presented to potential partners of the industrial sector its innovative IoT solution, jODYN, developed for the Wine market (and not only that) with the purpose of shaping the evolution of traceability through the constant monitoring. In the context of contemporary changes that supply-chains and logistics are pointing towards, Wenda believes that the very same concept of traceability presents its own internal evolution: if yesterday the concept was exclusively tied to themes such as geographical origin of the product and its related location, today thanks to jODYN we can push the boundaries a little further, towards the observation of the state of health of the product during each and any phase of the journey, in order to intervene with just-in-time decisions, swiftly and efficiently.

Wenda settled in naturally in the Open Innovation Day’s context, which was focused on industry 4.0, a new industrial paradigm that works thanks to the adoption of digital technologies able to boost resources interconnection and cooperation, critical to operational processes, both internal and distributed across the value-chain. As a matter of fact, jODYN has been developed from the idea of the technological dissemination across the whole supply-chain; this couples with the principles of interoperability, transparency of information derived from data, and decentralization, which constitute the pillars of industry 4.0 that Wenda had the pleasure to display and to listen to in a high-level context such as that set up by UniCredit at OGR in Turin.