May 30, 2020


The exploring of international markets by Wenda continues with The Italian Innovation Days Australia, a series of events that will take place from 5 to 8 June in the two Australian cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. The Wenda team has been selected together with other 5 startups in the field of Agtech, Foodtech, Biotech, Medtech, Healthtech, Cybersecurity and Fashiontech.
This events will enable networking to develop stronger, practical ties for the Italian and Melbourne/Adelaide/Australian actors, and to build tangible opportunities, stronger international ties and networking, thus fostering a global movement of startups and promoting the expansion of international opportunities. It will be a week full of meetings and presentations providing startups international exposure.
Why is Australia important for Wenda? The amount of food traded in this country is quite huge, both on the import and the export side, covering long routes to reach importing companies or retails: it means there is a high probability that this food might get stressed on its journey, finally resulting of bad quality, wasted or unsafe. Also, Food&Beverage products that travel through Australian logistical routes are averagely high value-added, proportionally to their quality. All the more reason for which the need of companies to equip themselves with technological solutions tailored to track product’s integrity can be fully satisfied by Wenda and its IoT solutions.