January 21, 2021

New €575.000 Financing Round for Wenda

The company that analyzes and manages cold chain and traceability data in the Food supply chain has closed a financing operation signed by the current shareholders and CDP Venture Capital Sgr – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione.

Wenda, the Platform that helps to manage temperature and traceability data along the chain by automatically collecting, analyzing and sharing data from the supply chain for distribution, catering, logistics and retail channels closed a capital increase of €575.000 that will be used to consolidate the Italian team and start the process of internationalization of the Platform.

The operation involves not only the founders, but also the initial investors and the industrial and financial partners who participated in the capital increase in 2019, Rockstart Agrifood Fund, Digital Magics S.p.A. and Makanta GmbH (led by the Big Data entrepreneur Sven Hensen) who have all renewed their interest and commitment in the financing operation. The investment round also includes the new entry of CDP Venture Capital Sgr – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione, through its Accelerators Fund.

"Thanks to this investment we will be able to strengthen the Italian Team and bring the results obtained in Italy also abroad, providing the opportunity to evaluate an innovative system that allows to control Food temperatures and traceability in distribution, reduce Food Waste and enhance the integrity, safety and freshness of products, managing cold chain and traceability data in a single Platform, so as to optimize processes and cut time and costs" say Wenda's founders, Antonio Catapano and Mattia Nanetti.

Wenda's goal from the beginning has been to contribute to create a safer and more sustainable Food chain through the development of technologies able to change the market; after a significant acceleration program in 2018 with Maersk – world leader in transport and logistics - in the last two years Wenda has been chosen by more than 30 companies from various Food distribution sectors to develop a more controlled and at the same time performing supply chain.

Investors quotes

“Persuaded by the product and the management style that have allowed the business to grow steadily in recent years, we decided to enhance our participation by further investing in Wenda."
Ludovico Facchini, Portfolio Manager, Digital Magics S.p.A

“Having worked with the team since 2018, we are delighted to once again invest in Wenda and play a part in creating a more efficient, sustainable and resilient food system. Our food industry needs more actionable and intelligent insights, which is exactly what the technology of Wenda delivers and why we invest.”
Mark Durno, Managing Partner of Rockstart’s AgriFood Fund

“I strongly believe in Wenda‘s vision and I am happy to continue with my investment and support.”
Sven Hensen, partner at Makanta GmbH

"We believe that the technological solution developed by Wenda is extremely innovative and fits in particularly important areas, such as traceability and Food Safety, as well as contributing to the reduction of Food Waste. These are all issues of great impact for our future. Moreover, the operation is in line with the overall strategy of our AccelerORA program, which aims to support start-ups of great potential and support them in a development process in a difficult phase caused by the Covid-19 emergency."
Stefano Molino, Responsabile Fondo Acceleratori di CDP Venture Capital Sgr

They talked about us



Wenda is the Italian company that has created the only collaborative, all-in-one cloud Platform capable of managing cold chain and traceability data from production to sales. Born as a foodtech startup, it has had the support of international investors that have allowed Wenda's team of more than 10 people to position itself in the field of cold chain and traceability technologies at European level.
The company, founded by Antonio Catapano and Mattia Nanetti in 2015, now aims at internationalization.