May 30, 2020

Maker Faire Rome 2017

From 1st to 3rd December, Wenda has participated in the Maker Faire Rome 2017 – The European Edition 4.0, the most important exhibition in the world about innovation – already reaching its fifth edition – that has brought together Makers from all over the world at Fiera di Roma, by calling on an international community present in more than 100 countries, composed of technology enthusiasts, thinkers, inventors, engineers, artists, chefs, craftsmen 2.0, that is nowadays identified as a genuine cultural movement which, through a major innovative approach, creates products that represent an extension of the traditional world of craftsmanship, on a technological basis.

MAKER FAIRE was born in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a project from Make magazine. Since then it has grown into a vast global network of main and independent events. Organised by Camera di Commercio di Roma, through its Azienda speciale Innova Camera, with the goal of putting back the city of Rome at the centre of the debate on innovation, Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0 is the biggest Maker Faire outside United States and the second in the world for the number of visitors: the 2016 edition has seen more than 110.000 presences, 600 projects shown, hundreds of conferences, live talks and workshops, 25.000 students involved in the Educational Day (the special first day free preview reserved for students), 16.400 children hosted in the Area Kids.
Wenda has presented its innovative IoT solutions in a family-friendly context, rich in inventions and creativity, that celebrates the DIY culture in the area of technology, on which the “makers movement” is based. Relying on the results achieved in the 2016 edition, this year Wenda has presented Unique, the perfect solution for the monitoring of “Fine Wines”, and jODYN IoT, the service that makes the supply-chain transparent and allows you to take care of your products when they travel. Wenda has also displayed its brand new service MEMORvINO, which connects the “Wine People”, directly from wine tasting events.
Wenda believes that the Makers community, thanks to its ability to explore in an innovative way the already existing trails, has huge potentialities on the level of social and economic development. Hence, the Maker Faire Rome 2017 was not just an exhibition for connoisseurs, but instead an indispensable appointment to be amazed by scientific and technological inventions in the areas of biomedicine, digital manufacture, IoT, nutrition, climate and automation. In this sparkling environment, the innovative IoT solutions created by Wenda have captured the visitors’ attention and have been able to foster new opportunities for the development of future partnerships.