27 maggio 2020

WENDA goes to EIA 2015 and wins!

Almost the whole WENDA Team (Antonio, Elia, Mattia, Guido and Andrea too, who “could not be there but WAS there with us anyway, as always”) went to Nice, France, to participate to the 2015 European Innovation Academy – EIA. More than 80 innovative projects, sponsor companies, mentors, venture capitalists, excellence and great potential from all over the world. In the end, more than 600 people talking about innovation and future, creating innovation and future. A quite effective organizational machine.
Within the first week, and according to the event rules, another member joined our team: Piergiorgio. His contribution to the team has been brilliant and productive, and we have been definitely happy to share our successful experience with him. Thanks Piergiorgio, stay in touch!

The WENDA Team has been in Nice for three weeks, a big effort.
And WENDA won, a great and more than welcome accomplishment!
We won the special NOVAK DRUCE Innovation Award, and we went extremely close to catch the overall victory. How about that?

Prizes and victories are obviously great but, even more than that, we are sure that we will benefit from many other significant factors generated by our participation to EIA.


Special thanks to:
All the EIA people, of course, they were great!
Mila Kyriacou – Our Main Mentor, absolutely fantastic! Thanks Mila!
Vanessa Marcie – Marketing Mentor, she worked hard with us, extremely supportive! Thanks Vanessa!
Alina Adams – Chief Mentor, impressively competent and effective! Thanks Alina!
Mike Kyriacou – Mentor and Mila’s husband, very nice person.
Ali Faraz – Mentor, in the end he loved us too!
Clarisse Behar Molad – Impara Studies
Maher Hakim – Carnegie Mellon University
On Lu – Novak Druce Connolly (Novak Druce Innovation Award) – Thanks
Brad Woodcox – Novak Druce Connolly (Novak Druce Innovation Award) – Thanks
Pascale Xélot – IBM
And many, many others, naturally. Thanks everybody!

“to be continued…” (work in progress)

link to EIA