27 maggio 2020

WENDA Fine Wine Collection Begun

As we already said sometime ago, if we want to work in the world of wine, we must live it in all the possible concepts, expressions and situations.

This is why we recently decided to start our small and private collection of fine wines.
Last friday we attended the winter session of the classic Pandolfini Fine and Rare Wines Auction, and it ended up being an extremely exciting and profitable experience.

We initially went there to meet some people and to know more about what we consider as one of the future strategic target markets of Wenda, but we soon discovered more exciting temptations and possibilities…
We actively joined the Auction, and we purchased some fine and rare bottles!
In the end more than 250 lots and bids were presented, and we won two of them.
(ndr: when we will receive all the details about our bottles, I will list them in this article)

Here we go with the selection we made:

  • Selezione Toscana – 1bt – Masseto 2010
  • Selezione Toscana – 2bt – Ornellaia 2010
  • Selezione Rossi Toscani – 6bt – Avvoltore MorisFarms 1995
  • Selezione Rossi Toscani – 1bt – Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido 1980
  • Selezione Rossi Toscani – 1bt – Tignanello Antinori 1979


Now we will buy a small “cantina” that could fit in our office, we will attach a WENDA DEVICE to every single bottle of our private collection, and we will proudly start our own and very special WENDA Pilot Project. Absolutely amazing!