27 maggio 2020

A walk in my vineyard

A romantic and exciting walk in my vineyard.

Romantic, it brings me back to my land, to the tradition I know, to the history I lived.

Exciting, it gives me the impulse to explore new ideas and new ways.

And to get the really best out of this great moment. A great walk in my vineyard!
NOW, with the PAST, for the FUTURE.

My wine will always recall its important tradition of quality, experience and time, but from now on I will go along with it step by step, I will protect it, I will be always ready to tell you about it thanks to innovative concepts looking at the future.
NOW, PAST and FUTURE together.

I will do it with WENDA.

(location and setting: thanks to the beautiful atmosphere of the Bosco dei Cervi B&B, in the Bologna countryside – note from Guido: obviously, the vineyard is not mine!)