A unique Platform for total visibility

Wenda is the universal and collaborative Platform that allows you to easily manage, analyze and share temperature and track & trace data from production to consumer, supporting the most common tracking devices and monitoring systems.

What Wenda does

Wenda digitizes visibility, temperature and traceability data, linking them to logistical data in the multiple stages of distribution, and is compatible with measuring equipment and Management, Quality and Logistics software, employed by the different actors of your supply chain.

From data collection to data analysis

By automatically collecting, processing and analyzing data, Wenda provides insight and statistics on product and process visibility, cold chain and traceability at every stage of the chain.  A single, multi-access Platform with which you can gain complete visibility, not only of your processes, but of your entire supply chain.

What you can do with Wenda

Wenda allows you to control every phase of the supply chain, to reduce Food Waste and enhance freshness, to collaborate with all players in the distribution by sharing data, to optimize processes and cut time and costs, but also to protect customers and consumers, increasing transparency, safety and traceability.

Find out why Wenda is so important

  • All-in-one 

    Manage all your supply chain execution data in one cloud platform

  • End-to-end

    Collaborate and build trust with suppliers and clients along the entire supply chain

  • Item level

    Discover what happens to product integrity, not only to process performance 

  • Open

    Cloud-based software compatible with multiple legacy and tracking technologies

  • Analytic

    Pull insights from integrated data to make real-time decision