Increase efficiency, mitigate risks

Follow your products and assets at every stage

  • Product-Data Pairing

    Identify and track your products or simple capture the existing identifiers (GS1, barcode, RFID chip, QR code..) without changing your operation methods

  • End-to-end traceability

    Trace every and each product (at order, SKU or item level) and gain an enhanced visibility over them all along the supply chain.

  • Safety

    Ensure the safety of your products or valuable assets by knowing their real-time positions and conditions.

  • Data shared

    Select the data you want to share throughout your supply chain and start to collaborate with your stakeholders.


Gain complete control over your products and assets. Discover the roots of your supply chain disruptions. Increase your customers’ trust. Better manage your supplier and product data to increase overall compliance.

  • Strong brand reputation
  • Minimized product recalls
  • Enhanced product and asset safety