Tour planning

With more real time transport visibility, you can mitigate the risks and costs of delivery rounds

  • -25% operational costs

    Digital tour planning ensures greater operational efficiency and more control over transport operations. You can also deliver better quality of service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • -22% penalties, OTIF costs

    You can reduce penalties for late delivery by resolving disputes more quickly and ensuring on-time delivery of goods. 

  • -3% managing freight costs

    The control of the production, shipping and distribution of a product and the continuous flow of information between multiple players in the chain promote collaboration between shippers, ensuring better prices for transportation. You can also take advantage of a ranking of freight forwarders and carriers.

Increase efficiency, mitigate risks

Increase efficiency and optimize your time

  • Task assignment 

    Share planned tour details with the drivers and notify them about the last minute changes

  • AI-powered tool 

    Define your restrictions, such as opening hours and mandatory rest times of drivers, and group your deliveries into tours accordingly.

  • Open integration

    Seamless integration of your existing software infrastructure to collect necessary data to create tours.

  • Real-time changes

    Adjust in real-time planned tours, if you encounter an unpredicted problem.

Tour Planning 

Optimize the time spent planning tours and save costs on back office operations. Improve your drivers’ working experience by providing the best routes to pursue. Boost the number of errorless deliveries. Reduce kilometres and cut CO2 emission. 

  • Best routes for delivery tours
  • Increased driver efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction