Wenda for Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci

Detecting temperature differences between summer and winter in the transport of first class wines

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  • Advanced supply chain traceability
  • 100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility and accessibility
  • Awareness of the main critical points of the supply chain
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    Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci was founded in 2000 by the homonymous owner, on the vineyards of the Contrada Solagna del Titolo, at the foot of Monte Vulture, in Basilicata. Right from the start it was decided to focus everything on a single label, the "TITOLO", a first class wine whose quality is guaranteed by the representativeness of the volcanic soil on which it grows.


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    “Finally a system that safeguards the producer’s efforts, that reassures the end-user about the integrity and traceability of quality products!” (Elena Fucci, CEO)

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    Distribution of first class Italian wines

The main issues that the actors in the wine chain have to face concern the logistical management of the wine product: the customer is never 100% sure that the product remains intact along the supply-chain and that it does not exceed critical levels for its ideal preservation in terms of environmental parameters, such as temperature or direct and excessive exposure to sunlight.
Ignoring the health of the shipment and the environmental conditions at the logistical exchange points contributes substantially to increasing the likelihood of a reduction in shelf life and subsequent product recall: if subjected to stress, drinks can easily experience changes in flavour and colour, and might disappoint consumer expectations.


Elena Fucci needed to check the condition of some wooden boxes containing her wine, during two separate shipments from Basilicata to Emilia Romagna carried out at different times of the year. It was therefore essential to find a monitoring software that could evaluate what were the critical points along the way in terms of high temperature peaks, without using complex technologies that would have blocked or slowed down her own operations and those of her clients.

The company's first objective was to identify the differences in temperature variations between operations carried out in summer, in July, and those completed in winter, in February, in order to understand the technical obstacles and get a clear idea – corroborated by objective data – of the problems and benefits associated with certain periods of the year.

Our solution

Wenda gave Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci access to the Wenda all-in-one Platform, allowing it to monitor temperature and geolocalization in real time through the use of proprietary algorithms and data loggers available on the market.

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Wenda's software received and analyzed unstructured and scattered data received from the data loggers used along the various stages of the supply chain crossed by Elena Fucci's wines: during the July shipment, some temperature issues were identified, especially in the first stage of the journey; in both shipments, the bottles were not exposed to any light. The winery was able to use a user-friendly Platform to manage beverage integrity data, observing in a single dashboard the integrity alerts regarding the maintenance of ideal conditions for the wine bottles along the way, and an overview of the critical points along the supply chain.

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Advanced supply chain traceability
Wenda has given Elena Fucci the possibility to take care of her product thanks to the configurable alarm thresholds for each shipment. In this way it was possible to group all the information on wine integrity in a single dashboard, so as to have all the necessary data available in a few seconds without needing to coordinate complicated and lengthy analytical instruments.

100% increase in end-to-end supply chain visibility and accessibility
Thanks to Wenda, Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci has been able to identify the critical points in terms of product integrity along its supply chain. This sort of visibility is important because it allows to better govern future shipments by improving previously unknown critical points and product care.

Awareness of the main critical points of the supply chain
Wenda's alarm notification management is based on setting the severity of the problem, allowing the company to be alerted by email if and when the monitored conditions are about to exceed the recorded thresholds, and to know at what point in the supply chain the problem is occurring.