Key Benefits

Minimal involvement of your IT staff: designed for being compatible with any system and always updated, simplifying data sharing and integration.

  • Easy integration

    Work with ultimate and standard integration technology, with all the documentation you need and a team that adapts to you.

  • Compatible with systems

    Two way integrations, from supply chain systems to Wenda to your legacy system and vice versa

  • Data unification

    Stop working with too many tools, get all in one place and decide whether to bring everything to Wenda or to your system.

  • Target
    Always updated

    Integration and standardization is at our core. Profit from being connected to a modern and up to date system. Make your IT staff work less!

Supply chain tools are disconnected

System integration requires time and huge integration efforts. Not connected IT systems and devices makes you lose time, increase errors and stress your staff

Standard API Layer

Wenda has a standard API integration layer. Through a quick and easy process it consolidates all your data, from existing spreadsheets to the most complex business applications.

We are already connected with a wide variety of data sources and applications such as ERP, TMS, WMS, and other IT systems.

  • Reduce time for integration
  • Use the latest technologies
  • Make your IT future proof